Vintage Couture is all the rage in Hollywood!

How exciting to see the trend to embrace the best styles from vintage couture from the creative and talented designers of the past!  

I am thrilled that more people are opening their minds and hearts to embrace the wide range of fabulous historical trends from many time periods...actually the BEST of vintage!

Here are some gems from the top haute couture designers that I especially adored!  

 This classic Chanel suit is so symbolic of the legendary Coco Chanel, and by far the most famous style the house is known for!

Fashion Vintage Festival 2013 Noventa di Piave Chanel

And what about this chic and simply svelte silhouette from the famous house of Givenchy?  Now this is a luxe piece of vintage haute couture that I would wear over and over!

Mary Kate in Vintage Givenchy.

Vintage Ad #986: Givenchy at Hazleton Lanes Mary-Kate Olsen, in vintage Givenchy, with Van Cleef & Arpels and David Webb jewels.

These classic styles from Dior and Valentino are just a blast from the past!

Kate in Vintage Dior, and who can forget Julia Roberts in Vintage Valentino when she accepted her Oscar?

Vintage Dior

kate in vintage christian dior. dior vintage

Vintage Valentino

julia_roberts_oscar_2001_valentino_vintage Valentino

Let's not forget the ravishing fashion of Jean Paul Gaultier!

Jean Paul Gaultier Sublime 80s Jean Paul Gaultier

Which one of these vintage couture styles are your favorite, would you incorporate any of these classic styles in your personal style?

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

What is so amazing to me is that the prices for genuine vintage haute couture are so high!  They are an investment that keeps its value over the years!  

I went on some sites that sell mint condition designer vintage haute, and I was impressed by the selection and variety of and Vintage Vixen and Material Wrld.

  Couture INSIGHT!

"Fashions Fade, is eternal." -Yves Saint Laurent

The pieces were immaculate.  It sure is fun shopping for real couture vintage gems!

Since I just love designing with a historical and global perspective, many of my gowns reflect a touch of the "Roaring Twenties" (The Great Gatsby era), or the Glamour-Puss Hollywood era.  

You might say I have a crush on luxury vintage couture!  When we open our fashion minds to many time periods and different cultures, we escape from "THE BOX" of copy-cat imitators....which is so boring!

One thing I am very proud of is our efforts to include green or Eco-couture in our custom line of designs.

I enjoy upcycling vintage clothing into brand-new creations.  

This has been a very rewarding labor of love for me.  

We have found wonderful vintage treasures that had a few imperfections due to age....and then we remake them by keeping the best features and adding luxury couture materials to enhance the "drama" and appeal with a new twist.  

I have to say I feel good upcycling these noble couture gems and keeping them from fading into oblivion. 

Click Photos for gallery closeups.

Opera Singer Holly Flack in her vintage couture j-na couture upcycle for Magic FLute Performance in English in Chicago.

Here is a beaded silk gown that I remade to star in Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute.  The wicked "Queen of the Night" is starring in this gown.  

Opera Signer Holly Flack is in the promotional photos as the Queen herself. 

Gasp! If only all models were in theater! 

Opera Singer Holly Flack in her vintage couture j-na couture upcycle for Magic FLute Performance in English in Chicago. Beaded silk with Feather mermaid.

I had the pleasure of designing many of the costumes for this opera.  It is in English! YAY!  Doesn't the Queen look wicked????

Opera Singer Holly Flack in her vintage couture j-na couture upcycle for Magic FLute Performance in English in Chicago. Beaded silk with Feather mermaid.

How do you feel about the popularity of vintage couture?  Would you, if you could buy a famous haute couture design for 1/10 of the original cost, either a bag or shoes or a wardrobe staple, would you go for it?  Let us know your feelings!

Or would you opt for vintage styling in new couture accessories?

See the heritage of vintage couture in the rich couture history.

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