Identify real haute couture shops from the moment you walk through the door! Here is how:

Real haute couture shops are a precious rarity, and deliver what an ideal shopping experience should be, what you deserve.

If you walk through the door of a shop that says "haute couture" on the sign and you don't see a tape measure or a booklet of fabric or material samples anywhere, walk right out the same door, because you haven‘t found it.

A haute couture house provides the highest level of service available in the world today. You go there with the anticipation that from the moment you walk in, it is about you, and it remains about you through the whole process.

You should never have the doubt or ever think, “I wonder if I will find something that will work for me.” That is a ready-made clothing mentality that we want to cure you of!

Look at this haute couture Dior house, comfortable, luxurious, in no way does it resemble a department store or even a boutique. It has a few haute couture models on display.

Now here is where it gets really confusing.......:

The Problem is that you can find a boutique from a famous couture designer,......and's their READY-MADE division.

Yes they all have ready-made divisions because they like to make money from the masses that will buy their mass-produced clothing from China just to have the status of an "almost couture" garment.

It's really very cruel because the majority of these people pay way more than they can afford only to wind up with a garment they think is "haute couture" but in actuality is an over-priced ready-made garment or accessory.

Best rule of thumb is:

If it looks anything like a department store.....IT IS....even if it has a couture house brand name on the sign like "Dior."

Dior on Rodeo

Not a real haute couture shop! Don't be  fooled!

A real haute couture shop will look like this photo. Much more exclusive, it will be by appointment only.

Look at this haute couture Dior house, comfortable, luxurious, in no way does it resemble a department store or even a boutique. It has a few haute couture models on display.

There will be a very comfortable seating area that will resemble a luxury living room with several collection look books on the coffee table.

Dior boutique avenue Montaigne Shopping at Dior Couture with Monsieur Dior watching over is an entirely different and magical treat.

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See how we do our haute couture patron design consultations.

We even incorporate a personality profile test, a private runway show, and hourderves. A very exclusive social setting.

In the glorious finale, you will have a garment that is completely customized following your style, colors, body-type, and personality, and that fits you so well that you will forget you even have it on! When you feel that thrill for the first time, that is when you realize that this is only the beginning!

A word of caution though, pretty much all mainstream haute couture houses also have boutiques where they sell ready-made versions of the haute-couture models they make that are not true haute couture house shops.

That being said, you can technically walk into a Dior or Givenchy boutique and not be in a haute couture house.

It is very sly marketing, for example you can purchase an Armani garment at any high-end mall, but the Armani couture garments are only available through the "Armani Prive" division and label.

So it may take doing your homework in search of a true haute couture house, but the effort is well worth it.

True haute couture shops will provide you with a level of service and personalization that is so liberating, an experience so authentically you that it will heal you from the wounds that the ready-made mass produced clothing industry has inflicted on all our identities.

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True haute couture shops are a rare gem, see what J-na has done to put Manzanillo Shopping on the map in the world of haute couture!

Be sure to check back soon, as we are compiling a comprehensive list of the J-na certified REAL haute couture shops and locations....

Let us take the guess work out of all this for you!

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