Hair accessories and fashion jewelry complete the look!
This phase is so fun and exciting!

Thanks to Hair Accessories and Fashion jewelry, the fun keeps going! Fortunately for us ladies, there is no end to all the gorgeous fashion options, including the icing on the top of the "cake"!..

With so many styles now popular, and the wide array of materials available, both traditional and exotic, the modern bride can enjoy total freedom of choice. It truly seems that there are no let your fondest fantasies reign free!

Hair accessories and fashion jewelry!

Before we explore the possibilities of hair design and hair accessories, let's focus briefly on a more economical option to couture bridal jewelry, and that is the ever-popular choice of fashion jewelry to complement the bridal ensemble.

There has never been such a wide range of choice with bridal fashion jewelry! Also, there is a huge variety easily available in all price ranges.

Crystals, pearls and rhinestones are top fashion jewelry choices for necklace and earrings.

Lace and feathers will also stay as prominent options.

A new trend for accenting the dress is a crystal brooch, which can also be used to accent the hair or the bouquet handle.

bridal headpiece Plus size lace bridal shrug , tan color bridal accessory. 4 options shawl- shrug, shawl, twist and scarf.

With the finished design of the bridal gown and jewelry completed, let us just have fun and lighten up a bit with our hair accessories...this is an area that a bride can relax a bit and "have it her way".

If you have decided on a hairstyle, or if you and your stylist can try out various ideas until you find a style you love, this will narrow down the possible hair accessories that you will need.

For brides with long hair, wearing hair in long romantic waves, or pulled back loosely remain popular trends. Of course, this designer is partial to the classic up-do, for I am afraid I've seen too many romantic Victorian movies! Or could it be that I love Cinderella?

Hair accessories may include ornamental hairpins, brooches, combs, tiaras, or vines made from pearls, rhinestones, crystals and/or silk flowers.

Elegant bridal crown, Bridal Styles bridal Accessory boutique

Many brides are simplifying by placing their veils directly on their hair without any additional hair accessories....or perhaps choosing a single silk flower for a classic yet romantic look.

For a more traditional look, these pictures present a few ideas for hair accessories.

Since the movie, "The Great Gatsby" we have really seen more of the Fabulous couture headpieces from the 20's and 30's!

Fine and Fleurie | Bridal Accessories 245k 240a 220a

For the lighthearted bride, a bit of whimsey is in order:

Hair accessories and fashion jewelry!


And lastly, for the true diva with that spirit of adventure, her hair accessories "safari" will know no bounds! Check out these radical and very chic designs:

j-na couture fantasy tiara in Swarovski, pearls, and mohair.

Click on photos to enlarge.

j-na couture faux fur silk hair bridal piece.

You can now customize your signature bridal hair accessory pieces from the online couture accessories house!

Click Here!

j-na couture bridal tiara Swarovski and pearl

And for occasions other than weddings, hair accessories can add a special flair please do not be afraid to experiment with new and fun hair accessories.

You may find a whole new facet to your personal signature style!

See Hair accessories and fashion jewelry in the exclusive j-na galleries!

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