In celebrity fashion news: Nyle Dimarco, America's Next Top Model in Couture Smartwears for Sixtynine Degrees Magazine UK driving a global Charity. Now on Dancing with the stars, is there nothing Nyle can't do?

The Latest Celebrity Fashion News: All on Nyle Dimarco, who launched his career on ABC's sitcom Switched at Birth, then went on to take the Fashion World by the horns when he became the first Deaf and Last America's Next Top Model to close out the shows almost cult following during ANTM's final season. He won the hearts of America as doing so, and now is on to the world's stage on Dancing with the Stars.

Far from viewing his deafness as a handicap, he has proved that it is his greatest asset, even greater then those piercing deep blue eyes. There were a few moments throughout Season 22 of ANTM that took us to the edge of our seats as he pushed past all of our stereotypes about what deaf people can do! Like model and dance to the beat of Tyra's music Video, Walk the catwalk to the beat, and Model a night shoot editorial in the pitch black of night only guided by a blinking flashlight. He did it, he made it look easy,  should we say beautifully easy! He is on to bigger and better things with Dancing with the Stars and on a mission to show the world everything that is possible through the deaf culture.

Celebrity Fashion NEWS: Nyle Dimarco Editorial Sixtynine Degrees for Jior Couture smartwears global charity.

In this issue of Sixtynine Degrees, a prominent regional print and online Magazine, he modeled for the wearables Global charity with local impact Jior (Your) Couture. Wearing his custom GSb Men's Couture smartwears threads and Jior Couture smart-tie and smart-band that is a luxury version of the mi band, but less towards fitness trackers and geared Specifically toward promotion and  communication. Now that is some amazing Celebrity Fashion News.

Photography: Virginia Hodges
Hair and Makeup: Toné Jackson
Photo Shoot Assistant and Marketing Specialist Rashima Sampson

Using smartphone readable tap-and-share wearables, Nyle can use his built in complete virtual spokesperson platform to make his formal introductions, spread his brand message, and share his latest business, personal, and social media updates. Nyle can also use the now added Tap-and-pay Feature in the wears to securely and discreetly pay for stuff anywhere Tap-and-Pay is accepted. But seriously, does Nyle really need to pay for anything anyways, he is so sexy he probably gets everything for free everywhere he goes.

In Latest Celebrity Fashion News, you can have swag like Nyle. Visit our smartwears online shop and get your Jior (Your) Couture cuff, tie, and bracelet. Communicate and promote yourself like a boss in our Virtual Society, and know that with every wearables purchase, you are supporting a Mom in Latin America, enabling her to do her artisan work at home while caring for her children. We also sponsor a local artist, you can even vouch for an artist you know for sponsorship. We set up creatives with the same virtual spokesperson platform so that they can make lasting connections while promoting their work in our virtual society.

We also are fundraising to set up a new Training Facility in Mexico for Jior (your our) artisan mom's to receive paid training in this handmade art form that we highly esteem as couture designers and want to preserve in due dignity. You can Donate Directly Here and receive a Tax Deduction.

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