The haute couture fashion show is going virtual and will continue to inspire all new industry-wide design trends. What can we expect to see?

The haute couture fashion show is not only the hallmark of the fashion industry, but also the design industry at large from interiors, coffee mugs, to merchandise. Everything starts here and this is why it will be preserved. 

We will see a transition to virtual fashion shows and some very very haute masks being added to all the outfits on the runway. 

This is the trial run that happened in May. We can expect this concept to become very sophisticated in coming seasons with a cohesive look and pop-up runway with lighting for each model's walk. 

Always a forward thinker my son Cal also put out this hallway runway look including a musical performance of his rendition of the Black Keys' song Little Black Submarines with the caption: "Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway." My favorite quote from that nazi spy Coco Chanel. 

Cal's Idea is to send and equip each model with a pop up "tunnel" tent in the shape of their hallways with lights and a live stream camera. That way each model's home will look like the same runway and we can have the cohesion we would expect from a haute couture runway. 

Yes couturiers will become tent makers! Ha ha ha. Models will love working runway from home!  What a world indeed!

Gone are the days of first row vip seats, for the new normal haute couture fashion show, our living room has the most comfortable seating available. 

Bridal Showcase @ Couture Fashion Week, Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York, NY, September 6, 2014. Featuring...

Pubblicato da Revenge Fashion Magazine su Venerdì 12 settembre 2014

My days of headlining east coast fashion weeks are now out like last seasons maxi dress. I will sure miss the back stage madness, the energy, and connecting with my audience in person. The truth is that fashion shows might as well be virtual. The impact will obviously not be as strong as in the live fashion show because during the live show we engage all of the audiences' senses in a way that just cannot be done virtually. 

However a virtual fashion show can still accomplish everything it needs to in the way of promotion, placements, products, and pricing. Clients and buyers know what they are looking at and what they are looking for. Influences will still be provided with stunning exclusive content to promote. 

What is really exciting about this concept is that it opens up the opportunity for more people to virtually attend the live fashion show instead of just a select few industry people being invited, now thousands of live attendees can experience the virtual show. 

Haute couture fashion show organizers will have to open the shows up to a wider live audience if they hope to make up for the loss of sales and promotion due to the low impact presentation being watered-down in the virtual realm. 

With a greater number of people in attendance there will be more opportunity to bridge the gap between the results of a live in-person show and a virtual one. 

We will even see a virtual reality haute couture fashion show concept be piloted eventually. The way the new changes to our society are are quickly rolling out, maybe we will see the virtual reality haute couture fashion show soon than later. 

What expectations will we want to see from a virtual haute couture fashion show? What things will we demand from such a show? It must be cohesive for one! I am opening it up for comments in my discus fields below. I am highly interested in getting some feedback on this topic and the future of fashion. We should chat in a one-on-one zoom meeting about this! Book a time in my schedule now. 

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