A Haute Couture Wedding Gown Design that is sophisticated, mature, fun, minimal, and future forward with Wearable Tech?

A Haute Couture Wedding Gown is the standard among the socialites and members of high-society.  The essence of this luxury cult is reflected in all subsequent ready-made spin-offs.   

The lady that is keen to the practical value of Haute Couture knows that what is seen on the runway during Haute Couture Week is an Artistic Expression with the purpose of expanding the mind and heart to the added possibilities in personal style and Couture Freedom lifestyle, and the the final finished Couture gown commissioned by an individual client is very different from what is presented on the runway.

Why, because the highest level of client experience and service is found in the design process, where the couturier and stylist, assist the client in finding and developing their very best design concept in personal couture style. The personalized gown may have a few of the design elements found in the haute couture collection, but the primary importance is always on what is best for the individual and her objectives.  

The following artistic Expression is reminiscent of what a client whose personality style is Mature, minimalist, with a flare for the luxuriant texture of fur and feather, a women that knows who she is and wants to be remembered as such, and at the same time is future forward and tech savvy, who wants to connect and share a small portion of her special day with her esteemed guests.

The substance of these qualities is contrasted with the use of a very young looking model, meaning that with the abundance of digital media, there is more freedom for young women to embrace style options outside the typical for their age group and social circle.

Haute Couture Wedding Gown Wearable Tech:

This SAMPLE is now available for purchase (NOW SOLD), as slightly used after having been to New York Fashion Week and in Several Editorial Publications. It now needs to find a place in your wedding cherished memories and coveted photos, just make sure that your photographer is
j-na couture approved! Your Haute Couture Wedding Gown.

This haute couture wedding gown design is NFC enabled, a practical technology that will send the message to your social circles that you treasure the best of the times past, as you embrace the advances of the future. A  way to truly connect with your guests on the virtual level creating lasting memories, shared moments, and relationships.

What we mean is that the gown literally sends a message to your guests. When you greet your guests as they are taking a photo of you with their smart phones, they then just tap the designated part of your haute couture wedding gown with the back of their smart phones. What happens then? The gown sends out a pre-programmed message to their phones that you chose in advance. Many of our clients have set it up to direct their guests to an E-Thank You Card with a photo from your engagement photo shoot, they get the E-Card instantly. Others have set up our patented digital platform with a chosen photo, the URL to the Event Page for the Wedding where the guest can post their photos and expressions, Mapped Directions to the Reception, a personal letter from the Bride and Groom the guests can download, ect. In fact their are many possibilities.

The Fashion Bridal accessories used are also a wonderful feature to this AW haute couture wedding gown representation. Cascades of Swarovski Crystals and silk faux fur hand made fabric, allowing the bride the desired modesty and is breathable , light, and airy, even appropriate for a brisk month in Spring or a way to stay comfortable where the wedding and reception venue air conditioning climate control is very cool.

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