Coco Chanel, the designer, the icon and the mother to modern feminism,...the spy. 

Coco Chanel, you want to know about her, you can watch her life story documentaries, but everyone knows most mainstream documentaries are modern works of fiction, honestly marketing. But when we read between the lines we can divine the real story line.

Coco Chanel 可可香奈兒

I love that show, "The Time in Between" a work of fiction that the heroine Sira Quiroga's character is obviously modeled after Coco's actual life story. She is an extremely talented beautiful designer in the midst of a civil war. She is enlisted as a Spy for the Allied forces to design for the Top Nazi ladies to access their world of intel. After being tested, then the shows plot thickens as she "reborn" as a secret identity that the British forces "own" and they fund her fashion house in Madrid. Her house rises as an elite global brand as she infiltrates the leading social circles of the Nazis party.

This fabulous portrait of the life of Coco Chanel is idealistic, because the heroine Sira was spying against the Nazis, where in reality Coco was suspected to be on the other side of the fence , recruited and funded by the Nazis, as a Nazi spy.

How do we reconcile the brand with the Coco Chanel ideals?

Who are we to judge and how can we know for sure. The truth is that we the people would rather believe the version of history that matches our ideals. Regardless of the ugly things Coco was ready to preform when called out by the higher powers that be. We can say that she used her influence to empower all women because she paved the way for modern feminist movement. A magnificent combination of women sensibility with minimal masculine design elements. The masculinity wasn't so much about the gender distinctions, as the language of power as translated into textiles.   

The bold and ambitious women embraced her aesthetic like the Coco herself adopted large fake pearls as a personal style staple, and the US adopted it like refined sugar, they just ate it up!


The only iconic style that has been time honored in the fashion biz, that changes faster than the modern technology business! It's truly astonishing how little Chanel's aesthetic has changed. Yet now in Raf Simons hands, each season still presents the same iconic Chanel Silhouettes in a new surprising way with new surprising design elements.

Looks like Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy. Logo suggestion. #chanel #swastika #handbag #logo

See the brand logo similarities between the swastika and the Chanel Logo? Another evil hiding in plain sight.

Of course Coco needed to fund her soon to be global fashion brand somehow. I mean there was not Project Runway regaling the most talented designers with 100k and a new Lexus to fund their line. We all know the kind of deals that are made for that kind of fame, money, and power. But really Coco, the Nazi's? I just don't see how anyone in good conscience can wear Chanel, however fabulous the designs are and the brand is.

Has the brand raised it's vibration and values in modern times?

That is a hard no! As evidenced by a recent piece of art released to the public just before the "pandemic" by the latest face of the brand Tom Sachs. If it is only meant to be an artistic statement, then WHY is it is fully functional smart guillotine produced in China? 

This brand message is way worse than "Let them eat cake." It is an all out threat of ill intent, is it not? 

We give this brand our current and energy and this is the energy they intend for us in return? 

We are soooo over it! This is a new day! 

What thoughts are occurring to you right now? Share with me.

「誰も知らなかったココ・シャネル」:HAL VAUGHAN

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