High end designer fashion that suits our new home-centric lifestyle. What is on-trend?

High end designer fashion has changed because we have changed as a society and the 'new normal' home-centric lifestyle seems like it is here to stay. Our new home-base of operations lifestyle demands that we now have the all-in-one outfit. An outfit that can do it all. Better yet, an outfit we can do it all in. 

Comfort is our number one priority. We have to be comfortable enough to manage everything. We also have to be presentable enough to do some video business meetings in. Then, add the element of high end designer fashion since we will not just let ourselves go here and be seen on social media in sweat pants and hoodies GOD forbid! 

We need to be on-trend and looking our best at home. 

How do we balance all this without having to change into four different outfits everyday? 

Here are two top trends that my son Cal is now designing collections after. These concepts are actually previews of his new collections.  

  • First Top  high end designer fashion trend we will flaunt is loungewear.
  1. We are not talking about pajamas and a silk robe over it. However comfortable that may be, it is not presentable enough. This loungewear must be presentable and somewhat formal enough. You can see Cal's design preview is a jumper. How convenient is that for an all-in-one right? It has a substantial on-trend disco collar and prints that elevate the look to be presentable and formal enough. the heavy hardware in the chain belt and heavy-duty metal zipper take this high end designer fashion outfit to a whole new level.
  2. It must be silk. Cal loves designing in silk bamboo since it is a vegan fabric and fabulous. Silk is the best for comfort. It just makes us feel so good, at ease, fabulous, and expensive. When you put a coat on over the silk loungewear you feel warm and silky smooth. It is just the best feeling. It is so easy to throw a coat on over and take a drive along the water, or catch some sun in the garden over tea. 

Which brings us to our next high end designer fashion trend:

  • The overcoat all-in-one outfit. The overcoat that looks like it's own separate outfit. 
  1. It has to stand alone and command attention. 
  2. The bag should be of the same material preferably. The accessories should be selected to match the coat, not the outfit under it. 

This is the preview of Cals new wrap coat all in one outfit. 

The colors command attention. The oversize cut is substantial.  It has the right up and down lines to draw the eyes up and down for that tall and slim look, combined with the oversize cut. 

The collar is actually one big scarf that we can wrap and style in endless ways. A style for every day. He is having so much fun playing with all the different styles that are coming out of this. Since the fabric is double sided colors he can make this look like many completely different coats from the same genre collection. 

The Wrap-Coat is A-symmetrical.

Each side of the coat was designed differently and in different colors so that it looks like two separate coats sewn together in at center back. 

We can't completely appreciate this design because the way he laid the scarf in this preview, but the collar and lapel on one side of the coat are different from the other. The sleeve length is also different. 

This coat will be launching in a variety of different colors and style options since this is, YET ANOTHER, completely new original design concept. 

Stay tuned to see all the different ways this coat can be styled in our next few pages to come.

I LOVE launching new design concepts on our website like this so all of our loyal readers can catch the first preview here!

Click here to reserve a design meeting on zoom and let's get started styling out a version of this that works for you.

The overcoat outfit is definitely a high end designer fashion trend that is here to stay as we are seeing interesting versions of this in all major designer collections being launched. 

How is this landing for everyone? Opinions are welcome and accepted as always. 

The next trend in high end designer fashion is blinged out gemstone jewelry. 

Gemstones and other crystals all contain frequencies or vibrations that when set in the right precious metal, and charged form a source of enlivening and protective energy field. gemstone crystals in the right geometry almost have a personality of their own and assist us in developing our higher self with ascension and expansion. 

With the amount of dirty and negatively charged energies in our modern EMF contamination heavy world, the more gems we are wearing the better we look and feel. This is why now more than ever we see this on trend in high end designer fashion. 

See this necklace from my jewelry collection. And note it is now up for sale on deopop. Purchase now, but inquire first as it is a unique design original, aka only one piece made. 

This fabulous collection piece features an array of semi precious stones offset in silver settings. The large smoky Topaz center-piece, the two blue topaz above it, the two amethyst above it, contrasted by lime citrine, garnet, and citrine below.

This necklace has stands of amethyst, blue topaz, and peridot beads with intermittent hand dyed fresh water pearls. 

To me this speaks to the manifestation from the high spiritual plains onto our physical reality.

Each color is associated with a specific frequency, so this necklace has us covered literally with rainbow vibrations. It is interesting to research the frequencies associated with each stone in this necklace while wearing it of course. A call to our higher self and integration! 

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