Looking for casual street fashion that travels well and brings you easily from day to night? Cal's top 3 tips:

Cal's top 3 casual street fashion tips for one flawLESS trip of photo documentation for personal satisfaction mostly, but in today's IGcetric culture, we love that social media payoff that comes from high likes, shares, and comments.

1. Hand knits: Comfortable, they stretch, they don't wrinkle, and deliver that unmistakable high-end couture fashion vibe.  

Brandon's GSb Wearables streetwise Genghis Khan wool and mohair jacket seems to turn heads invite people asking to touch the texture and soft fibers, even though he looks as fierce as Genghis himself in this shot. Fringe is what we go for when it's sweater weather. 

Cal tested this T-Shirt design in Barcelona and Milan. He wanted a very comfortable breathable feel, so he used a stretch semi-sheer cotton knit, the blue fabric is just patch-work under the holes, not a separate layer for maximum breathing. 

The A-symmetrical stylized cut, and the wide neck-line are all very flattering to the male torso. 

Cal asserts that this design got an A+ rating for casual street fashion by way of head turns and compliments, which as a general rule are way more gratifying than likes on instagram, but he also got a ton of IG likes from this popular design on his social feeds.

Cal even swears by Knit Shorts, he even wears them around the house claiming that they are so comfortable.

Special Announcement:

Cal is looking for new benefactors, he gifts his benefactors with a yearly package of custom couture fashions for each season, personal styling, personal shopping, and tailoring services, that are all done remote as a FREE gift of appreciation.

It's a cool process using today's 3D printing technology. You scan yourself, have yourself printed out as a mannequin (no cloning necessary!), and send yourself to Cal hahahaa! Then Cal uses your 3D print-out to fit, design, and tailor your seasonal wardrobe. Packages include all essentials including accessories, and a few frivolous pieces just for fun!

Ask yourself if you have any products, services, resources, properties, or assets that can benefit Cal as he expands to Europe? 

Book a video chat with Cal and start a conversation of possibilities.

2. Linen Linen Linen

I agree with Cal and say that nothing travels well like linen, it's the only fabric that looks amazing when wrinkled. We also use linen for casual street fashion, especially in resort wear.

See Cal's Linen Shorts.

Also note his beach tank top with the QR code print that actually scans nicely on any phone. The cut of tank enhances male form and the thick elastic around waist line holds in any unwanted bulge  or handles from popping out in photos.

Savoring life taking Beach time every chance we can get. Finding time to connect through nature yo source is very very...

Pubblicato da Gsb Men's Couture su Mercoledì 24 ottobre 2018

3. Casual Street fashion that can make the day-to-nightlife transition.

How we always love to amaze our clients with is the concept of the reversible jackets, vests, ect. For the client that pays for custom fashion and couture, they might as well get rewarded with 2 for the price of 1!

We make the main side casual and the inside lining chic and dressy high-fashion. This is a travelers dream because they can stay out and experience life instead of coming back to the room to change, plus get in all the extra photo opps.

See this casual street fashion VEST? Makes his leisure suit more casual doesn't it?

This is the same vest at night. BOOM BOOM POW! What a difference!

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.
Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

This is a simple casual street fashion look that made a seamless night out transition to the Dolce and Gabana event in Milan.

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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