Givenchy mens spring 2013 is interesting as it is unusual, but very well thought out spin on classic men's suits.

Look at Givenchy Mens Spring 2013 collection! We were expecting the dark and gothic undertones driving Givenchy designs headed up by Richard Tisci. I was floored to see his take of the classic suit!

Givenchy SS13 Menswear by Riccardo Tisci - Tuukka Laurila43

Wow this is unique as it is interesting, we have seen the concept of the suit/gown emerging in latest years with Jean Paul Gaultier on the forefront of couture for men, and to be honest I am all for unique spins on classic traditional keep sakes, but I think we are taking this whole unisex movement a little too far when it goes into the realm of eveningwear. Let's keep a suit a suit for goodness sake!

Givenchy SS13 Menswear by Riccardo Tisci - Tuukka Laurila41

This structure reminds us of the guys version on latest peplum we have seen in women's wear, an eastern take on the Japanese kimono melded with European fashion, We love it.

Givenchy SS13 Menswear by Riccardo Tisci - Tuukka Laurila24

We also see the tux train happening, but am I the only one that had to check it two times to figure out what it was?

Givenchy SS13 Menswear by Riccardo Tisci - Tuukka Laurila23

Now this is a move that is indeed unprecedented, given we are doing a spring summer suit, but did they run out of that great limited edition hand made fabric for this couture?

I love new exciting concepts laid out, giving men a wider array of fashion choices, but this looks like Givenchy Mens Spring 2013 collection was put together at a whim.

It looks like the designers were up to 3:30 AM hand beading the sumptuous in the women's collection the night before the runway show and realized that they only had two days to meet the design deadlines on Men's Collection!


The part that really has me dumbfounded and gasping for brain cells is that this seemingly disastrous combination put together and styled the way it is, actually looks captivating, astonishing, and interesting.

This proves once again that with the right workmanship, hand crafted details, and luxury fabric you can really do just about whatever you want in couture and pull it off!

You can break just about any rule you want too! So hats off to Riccardo Tisci and the entire team that put together Givenchy Mens Sopring 2013!

Insight in your development!

Expressing your point of view is so essential to developing and defining your personal style and best couture concept which is kind of the point of this whole thing........

Now let us make this personal, if you could break any rule or established fashion precedent in the name of defining your very own personal style, what would it be?

Tell us.......we love to hear your ideas......

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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