Fine handmade ties are artisan made and supported Wearables.....At GSb Men's Couture we don't follow trends,
we set them!

The fine handmade ties in real alpaca and mohair fur are the fierce new option the intrepid man needs in his arsenal of accessories!

Sporting this 3-D textures makes your chest a target for a lot of attention! Make sure you screen those that would reach out to pet your chest, so as to avoid any unauthorized interactions!

New artisan mom made Wearables Sets with new functionality added: Nature's Tech Hack. 

For the man or woman on the prowl, we added a new field tested event to our networking or seduction event sequence which inevitabley happens like clock work.

The wearables stone bracelets are now including volcanic rock which is porous, we now gift a bottle of Eden's Garden "Fearless" essential oils aroma. This aroma is rugged and woodsy and is designed to elicit trust and confidence in ourselves and those around us. The aroma is infused into the volcanic rock and then diffused slowly all day or night. So the event sequence is as follows with this new functionality engaging a new sensory perception.

1. He or she sees you from across the room and eye contact is made. Notices your unique conversation piece custom tie and is drawn to you.

2. He or she comes over to say Hello!

3. As he or she approaches senses the intriguing aroma and subconsciously feels more confident and trusting.

4. He or she introduces themselves and compliments you on your tie.

5. He or she asks to touch the tie.

6. Already impressed and intrigued, you now tel he or she to touch the tie or bracelet with the back of their phones to connect them to your V Card (contact info), social feeds, event intvite (cloud share), ect.

7. Now he or she having exchanged info, and now puddy in your hands. You close the deal by paying for drinks with your Tie or bracelet. 

This is some serious 007 stuff, and Cal can guarantee you that events will play our in this sequence near 100% of the time

Our Shopping area is now optimized for barter and crypto currencies being our preferred method of excepting your payment. Beyond customizing your tie and bracelet set we can now customize our preferred currency for payment!!!!!!! Act Now and support your assigned Artisan Mom Today! 

The wearables tie and bracelet sets for the charitable arts new designs are tested and rated high uniqueness and practical application.

A Tropical Breeze.

Jior (Your) Couture Stone Smartwear bracelets are modern luxury meets defining wearable technology, and for an awesome charity!

Click on the links for each bracelet for the information on the wearable technology, global charity with local impact, styling options and pricing information for each of these dapper men's style accessories in stone beaded bracelets for the watch addict and the dapper man timepiece afficionado in all of us!

The Jior Couture Smart-Bracelets are the taking the Dapper man's Style to a new level of practical with smartphone readable tap and share and Tap and Pay technology!

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.
  1. A Lion's Charm smart-bracelet band, eliminates the need to carry around those antiquated silly paper business cards that no one  keeps, allowing you to make lasting business and personal pleasurable connections in our virtual society! Read all about this here. The Smart-Pin on the bracelet detaches and can be placed on one of your Jior Couture fine handmade ties.
  2. You can also get rid of that clunky wallet you are always sitting on, since you may not be wise to the whole manbag thing. With Tap-and-pay technology this feature allows you to safely and discreetly pay for your biz luncheon, your groceries, to your hot date night on the town! Read all about this here.
  3. The best thing about Jior Couture smartwears, is that with each smartwear purchase you are supporting a struggling mom in a developing Latin American Country, and you also are sponsoring  a local artist in the community! It is really amazing! The wearable tech in the smartwears comes programmed with the profiles of the people you are helping, you can connect and tap right into the lives you are improving! You then reprogram the wears with your personal information! Donate to Jior Couture's Global Charitable Initiative here and get a tax write off for your company! 

GSb Men's Couture Presents:
The 2015 Manbag and Tablet Case!

Customize your best color, function, and personal style options in less than 5 min from the online shop!
Save yourself the hours of searching online and going into boutiques for a piece that in the end you are just settling for!
This new bag is a smart-bag and smart-phone readable!
It will say what you need said about you on the virtual level! 

GSb Men's Couture Presents:
Fur and Wool Headphone-Covers and Headband Sets!

GSb Men's Couture Presents: 
Eco-Couture Tank Tops with optional Solar dyed and Developed Custom Art Prints!

The Couture Tank is seen in this photo with blocks of semi-sheer fabric, but can be made with the fabric of choice.

Men's Eco-Couture Solar Developed personalized Print has a photographic art image that is revelaed in the sunlight.Men's Eco-Couture Solar Developed personalized Print has a photographic art image that is revelaed in the sunlight.

A great way to style this for a cooler night transition into pre-fall, is under a smoking Jacket, Blazer, or Cardigan Sweater. The unique corded scroll design can say Rock-Star to Red Carpet Fashion Forward. 

GSb Men's Couture Presents:
Spring Summer 14 Rocker Eco-Couture Jeans!

Couture Jeans Rock Eco-Sustainable Concepts:

  1. Hand Made from Recycled Denim
  2. Hand-Dyed color options.
  3. Feature Optional Oulines of real Leaves from IL 
  4. Rock and Roll Styling for a signature look in Personal Style ranging from the "Beaming Rays" to the subdues lenthening vertical fades. 
  5. Outer-side Leather Lace-up  Options.
  6. Skinny, Slim, Straight, Boot Cut, and Loose Fit available.


Eco Couture Jeans for a sustainable future in recycled materials hand made to Rock the Green Movement as a  comfortable fashion statement.
Lace-up Eco Couture Jeans for a sustainable future in recycled materials hand made to Rock the Green Movement as a  comfortable fashion statement.
Green for ECO Lace-up Eco Couture Jeans for a sustainable future in recycled materials hand made and dyed to Rock the Green Movement as a  comfortable fashion statement.
Eco Couture Jeans for a sustainable future in recycled materials hand made and dyed to Rock the Green Movement as a  comfortable fashion statement.

Click here to have these jeans designed your way in the Online Couture House. Imput your measurements and preferences all in one single online platform. 

The best part is that through the SS14 season we are donating 10% of the proceeds to a Green Charity!

Click Here!

Also take a look at these Couture Tanks for SS14!

  1. Eco in that the Print is Hand-Dyed and Solar-Developed in the Sunshine using Natural Dye.
  2. Art in that we see custom prints of original Art Pieces or personal photography. See the 18th Century Bear Art Piece by Fabulous Artist Cristy Corso!
  3. Form-enhancing in that the elastic lining will visibly take in extra stomach bloat and unsightly love handles! Yes this piece is like male formwear! 
  4. Sexy in that the design is semi sheer and shows the right amount of skin in the most flattering places of the male upper body.
Form enhancing Original Art Inspired, Solar Hand Dyed Made and Developed Eco Couture Tanks for SS14.
Form enhancing Hand Dyed and Made Semi Sheer Couture Tanks for SS14. GSb Men's Couture.

GSb Presents:
Spring Summer 2014 hand knit custom ties!

Customize the colors, design, level of head-turning eye-popping texture, and size of each design model!

      Click on images to enlarge.


GSb Mens couture custom ties hand knit leather and silk 2013 Summer!

Hand knit Custom silk, cashmere, with a touch of alpaca for texture.

Solid color with metallic accent and contrasting border.

Hand knit Custom silk, cashmere, with a touch of alpaca for texture.  Solid color with metallic accent and contrasting border.

GSb Men's Couture Presents:

2013 Steampunk GSb men's handbag deerskin IPAD briefcase. Now available for customization.

This is a  handmade-to-measure  "manbag" or men's handbag.

This design for 2013 is a mere example of what can be done just for you as no-two-are-made-the-same. The bag is made custom to the wishes of every man.

This bag is made with deerskin netting forming two front pockets and one large back pocket. We also see hemp burlap and jute rope.  The inside of the bag has a custom Ipad or Tablet case, AND a custom cell phone case in silk and deerskin with a real alpaca fur liner for extra padding and cleaning of touchscreen device.

This bag is now available for customization....CLICK HERE!

GSb Men's Couture Presents:
The Steampunk hand knit utility belt, hand knit faux Mongolian Lamb stretch pants, and compassionate fur and crushed velvet vest.

GSb men's Couture steampunk hand knit utility belt, fur and velvet vest, and faux mongolian lamb knit stretch pants.
Hand-knit-to-measure deerskin steampunk utility belt featuring a compass and Promier Products LED Flashlight.

These hand knit custom stretch pants feel so smooth to wear, are so very warm, the texture is irresistible to onlookers, and they are custom made to not only fit the form of your legs, but enhance the form of your legs with extra padding in the RIGHT places!

Now a guy can have the legs he always dreamed of as he struts on through the night or at home by the fire.

From the Find Yourself in the FOG editorial, GSb men's couture features:

  1. Hand-knit-to-measure form-enhancing faux Mongolian fur stretch pants in silk velour, bamboo, and alpaca fur.
  2.  Hand-knit-to-measure deerskin steampunk utility belt featuring a compass and Promier Products LED Flashlight.
  3. Hand-Made to measure crushed velvet vest with Alpaca Fur Trim.

Click Here or on the Photo for your custom made-to-measure utility belt. Feel like a super hero picking out what custom utilities you want built into your belt!

Here is another close-up of the silk velour, bamboo, and alpaca texture of the faux Mongolian Lamb hand knit stretch pants from the GSb Men's Couture Fall Fashion Show 2012.

GSb Men's Couture Presents:
The made-to-measure tropical fine linen couture suit, silk and fur knit tie, and fur trimmed fedora.

GSb mens couture fine linen suit smoking jacket with fur tri

Made-to-measure in this smoking-jacket adaptation for tropical weight linen! The suit features real alpaca fur trim that was also embroidered onto the tropical fedora! We also see the tri-color silk fine handmade ties with a mohair fur 3-D stripe through the center!

Two tone linen suit in blues highwater slacks and loafers with fur fringe.

Notice the latest high-water trend that work wonders with the tropical loafers, that, UH OH, are also trimmed in alpaca and bamboo! The day of the two-toned suit is back in all glory!

Made-to-measure in 4-6 weeks.

GSb Presents: A hand-knit leather, silk, and alpaca messenger bag with real silver macramed hardware that detaches to be worn as couture jewelry.

mens messenger bag GSB couture 2012 handmade knit leather real silver hardware

A hand-knit men's messenger bag in leather, silk, hemp rope, and alpaca!

This design is perfect for the GO GREEN eco friendly MAN like me! I am even a strict vegan! It was so fun designing and making this with the natural rope, bamboo silk, and recycled leather!

So many new concepts employed, for example, knitting leather, who would have imagined it would look so COOL! Also the real silver macramed hardware detaches to be worn as a cuff/bracelet and choker necklace that matches the bag as seen in the photos below!

Here I make sure that no two designs are made exactly the same and that we modify each item to the likes and dislikes of each client!

The beauty of CUSTOM-made.

Macramed couture suspenders in leather and bamboo silk with hemp rope

Notice the made-to-measure macrame suspenders in recycled leather,                           bamboo, and rope!

The suspenders can be handmade with the wrapped leather on the left, or the braided macrame on the right! I personally like the suspenders with both! What a unique high-fashion bold statement in harmony with the GO GREEN principles!

GSb Men's Couture presents:
The knit deer leather IPAD case with with knit real silver wire, handcuff to wrist, made with E-force charged
strength and balance crystals.

couture IPAD case in silver and leather handcuff design

A Couture Custom ipad case in goat leather, hand knit real silver, with leather chained handcuff embedded with E-force charged strength and energy crystals! This is an outrageous design that was so fun to put together! The ultimate in upscale men's accessories!

Really exciting for the guy that can't part with his new ipad!                                                       IT'S LITERALLY HANDCUFFED TO HIM!

We love the fact that the cuff has the charged energy and balance crystals! I can't go anywhere without my balance crystals cuff!

It is amazing just how much a difference it makes in how you feel! There are so many waves and wi-fi signals and frequencies going through us at all times. These crystals deflect much of that and I feel increased balance, strength, and even                                  better sleep patterns! I love it!

Click here to have yours custom made today!

The couture fine handmade ties in this photo is our 2013 front line design!

Never-to-be-repeated, as always, but adjusted to the likes and persona of each client!

We are even more excited to launch these leather and alpaca mountain goat fur vests with crushed velvet lining and are reversible! Man is this fire! I often wear this vest, and you would not believe the compliments you gets on it's originality and BA appeal! It's getting a lot of attention, we are just putting the finishing touches on the vest we are making for the SUPERMODEL/CELEBRITY Ronnie Kroell.

Never-to-be-repeated, as always, but adjusted to the likes and persona of each client!

Fall 2012 Mens couture vest GSb

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