Which Celebrity Fashion Trend is seen year after year on red carpet and runway? 

Which Celebrity Fashion Trend has left its permanent mark on the fiber of our lives? Well in case you are stumped, the short, to the point, and straight forward answer is:

THE THREE F's! Couture fashion trend fashion Stylegram BASIC!
Fur, Feathers, and Fringe!

Julianne Moore definitely best dressed at the Golden Globes in Givenchy couture silver ombré. The feathers at the bottom are stunning.  #JulianneMoore #GoldenGlobes #Givency #couture #silver #ombre Eco Spa Gown Urban Gypsy in j-na couture Spa Treatment Gown.

This is the Urban Gypsy, a local Chicago Personality, that is gaining sway in the city of Angels rapidly! See the fringes in these shorts. Such a fun element, and done in a way that is OH so red carpet worthy! This is an Eco-Spa Treatment Gown that starts as a Spa Treatment, and the Spa treatment continues to treat your skin when you wear the dress, thanks to Sustainable Old World Couture Methods, Combined with wearable-tech, and Vegan Fabrics! Join the Movement! We wish to hear from you my queen!

Erin McDouglad- The Flapper Girl

This is a fab Artist on Chicago Jazz Scene Erin McDougald, the Red Siren at the world Famous performance at the iconic Green Mill, with the sultry voice of an Iconic American Starlit,..... 


   ..........and the funny quirky personality of a native Chicagoan to balance out the fact that her talent is Divine and ungodly at the same time! 


Darling! When you are in town, you simple must request the "Flapper Girl" as her stage name is known, for a private concert! Or just fly her out to your city!


One condition though, you must insist that she performs in j-na couture of course! Seeing her perform in the celebrity fashion trend the 3 F's makes the experience all the more magical, contemporary, timeless, and memorable!

Bonus Round! Are you ready!

Another Celebrity Fashion Trend that will always be relevant! 

To take the signature statements of Iconic Hollywood actresses and Signers, and re-invent them in your own way!

We just did an editorial on this that was featured in Haute Couture Chicago Magazine shot Starring Erin McDougald as Elizabeth Taylor, Model Jessica Shalbetter as Audrey Hepburn, also model Leanne as Diana Ross, and also a surprise appearance by "Sofia Loren!"

My dear child this was SOOOO much fun! That is what makes this Celebrity Fashion Trend so enticing! 


In fact Erin did a whole Music Presentation starring herself as each of the iconic actresses represented in the editorial!


There will be more photos released on this editorial....Stay tuned Darlings! 

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