The celebrity fashion magazine page that reveals the couture secrets of the famous!

Who of us does not look forward to seeing the latest Red Carpet looks in a
Celebrity Fashion Magazine? So many new gowns and designer originals to wow our senses!

I especially love seeing the bolder celebrities wearing their most
daring and avant garde couture! Sometimes it is even humorous when they go too far!

I really enjoy commenting on the lastest celebrity fashions, so we decided to include a regular feature on our site, and that is our Celebrity Fashion
magazine Page. To start it off, I thought we would look at a few of this year's highlights, beginning with the LBD, always a favorite of celebrity ladies.

Rooney Mara Twilight Actress Ashley Greene GWENYTH PALTROW

Here we see Rooney Mara sporting an elegant gown, and revealing a softer side to her persona.

Twilight actress Ashley Green also chooses a sultry black dress. Very alluring
and dramatic, as we would expect of her.

My favorite of these black gowns is this two-piece Asian-inspired gown that Gwenyth Paltrow rocks! I adore the fashions and silks of India, and this style is one that I have created for my couture designs many times.

NINA DOBREV JULIA STILES Charlize Theron Angelina Jolie

For a bold and "in-your-face" effect, it would be hard to beat the red dress Nina Dobrev wore so well, the vibrant red is impossible to ignore!

However, to be very honest, I have found that most women really have a soft, romantic side to them. At times, we cannot resist the feminine allure of softer
pale colors. This online celebrity fashion page would be remiss to ignore the beauty of these next two gowns.

I picked this pale pink gown that totally flatters Charlize Theron's coloring and hair. And what a statement this delicious gown makes on Julia Styles! Yum!

In a class of her own, I feel that this stunning gown could not have made a bigger impression on anyone other than Angelina feels like the gown
was designed perfectly for Angelina's diva personality! This has got to be my favorite by far!

The sleek lines and vibrant POP of red make for an unforgettable impact!

Sofia Vergara Sexy at 40 Sofia Vergara Salma Hayek

This year and into Autumn of 2013 and Winter 2014, the blues and teals will still be popular, and I believe they represent a classic and timeless staple for everyone's wardrobe, not to mention that these colors are so flattering on
almost everyone.

Here are three gorgeous gowns, two worn very well by Sofia
Vergara and one by the beautiful Salma Hayek.

For this first attempt at a real online celebrity fashion magazine page, I
decided to only feature the gowns that I admired, and not to highlight the ones that were ridiculous. I do hope you enjoyed my choices!

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