Celebrity Fashion Jewelry of Gwyneth Paltrow and beyond. What can we learn?

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Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite celebrity fashion jewelry brand by Turkish designer's Foundrae has a deeply personalized symbolic meaning. Although taking on the archetype associated with the birth cycle energy can be incredibly empowering in the emulation of divine qualities, I can't help but wonder about the symbols and the use of chains. I've never been a big fan of chains. What are they chaining us to? It just seems sort of oppressive rather than liberating. At Foundrae, are they chaining us to the Archetype energy instead as a vessel for possession?

It's just not my idea of a great time, maybe a good time for some. 

Fortunately for us, celebrity fashion jewelry that is liberating, healthy, and empowering in manifesting what we truly want is still within our reach. 

It's called a strategic selection of crystals, cut in the corresponding harmonic shape, combined with coiled copper settings to enhance the energy output. 

Read the full article in Vouge UK.

Is this formula for celebrity fashion jewelry forever confined to the realm of boho-chic new-agey hipsterville? I beg to differ, because when a designer such as myself is commissioned this formula takes on whatever style genera resonates with the client making the acquisition. 

Celebrity fashion jewelry without running the risk of archon possession! LOL

My team and I are firm believers in the healing and manifestive properties of crystals. They are known to enhance energetic fields providing emf protection and to synchronize with various energy centers of the body. A strategic use of crystals can even lend to regeneration and antiaging. 

These extremely healing compounds have been employed by celebrities' old and new, and the ruling class for centuries.  Think of Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds, and the Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Nickie Minaj, Beyonce, and Rihanna bling. With the introduction of new frequencies on the earth we even see male celebrities sporting large crystal rock necklaces and bracelets.  

As more advance knowledge on crystals are embraced by the masses, as well as those that imitate celebrity trends we see everyone wearing rocks and crystals. 

Work with an expert that has an adept knowledge of color and crystals. Their properties and how to prepare them for maximum output, namely geometry and the correct use of metals to compliment. In other words, work with me!

The jewelry I design ranges from royal palaces of the Czars to boho-chic, Rastafarian, to Native American. The best pieces I design for clients have elements that reflect their personality, heritage, beliefs, and objectives. 

Orgone necklaces are the latest trend that is the best for unlocking the potential of the crystals worn. 

Often we will take the crystals that the client prefers and join them together in an orgone necklace and bracelet.

This design features a large raw emerald coiled in copper making orgone. The coiled copper acts as a tesla coil enhancing the crystals resonance and properties. 

This design also features selenite, moon stone, and tiger jasper!  A powerful combination, each stones frequency has it's special unique effect. 

Buy now or request a custom combination of special crystals. 

Large Smokey Topaz in sterling settings.

This heirloom royal piece an accessible way to treasure our divine self. Maximum enhancement.  Smokey Topaz in sterling silver settings.

Buy Now.

Chakra healing and calibration.

The best way to clear, heal, and calibrate the chakras is with the colored stones that correspond with the chakras energetic color. Color is a frequency, color is a vibration.  This necklace has all major chakra colors represented except orange.

Buy Now.

My treasures of the Czars collection. 

Jewels on wraps, scarves, and sweaters. Handknit with complimenting luxury fibers. Each natural fiber also has a specific frequency.  Combining the crystal adn fiber together was an ancient art form and technology skill set. This tradition was handed down through the ages. 

Hand dyed pearl torsade for the outfit for the occasion.  This is what celebrity fashion jewelry is all about! 

A way to celebrate ourselves and our vast expansion is through a completely harmonic head-to-toe look with custom jewelry to match the custom outfit!

Hand dyed pearls and Swarovski crystal torsade. 

 Resonate in harmony with the energy of the day or occasion or the energy that we identify with most based on color selection. Feel empowered and confident in our own!

Men's celebrity fashion jewelry. 

Trending in men's celebrity jewelry is the stone bracelet set. 

In the sets we make for our clients we do them with the above mentioned design philosophy combine  and them with with a hand knit tie and discreet wearables device. 

The wearables device is a tap and share and tap and pay via near field smartphone readable tap tech. No long range transmissions happening.  Only share your info with those you invite to connect with.  

007 style! 

For everyone finding this article on celebrity fashion jewelry informative, please leave a comment below. Contact me to continue on the path of couture style personalized development. 

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