The problem with most wearable gadgets is that they are not that fashionable. That is why we are seeing "discreet wearables" blow up. Can we keep up?

The most fashionable fab wearable gadgets are not like samsung watches (kinda geeky,) but like samsung gear (discreet and stylish.) I love samsung gear because the wearables are practical, cool, and all the functionality is hidden. So the wearables are discreet! 

Discreet is everything, because the Samsung watches look so tacky. WOW you have a tiny cell phone strapped on your wrist! Besides the health risks, (24/7 low frequency data waves inserted right over one of your main veins, think about it my friends,) let's be honest in our mind's eye, smart watches are the new pocket protectors.

Aston Martin DB5 'Goldfinger' - 1964

All the coolest gadgets we have been raised on watching 007 movies were all concealed and hidden. This is the spy culture that is always just soooo super hot! The funnest James Bond scenes are when he is in the lab with Q right?

How do you like Cal's latest wearable gadgets set's?

We are now doing our stone and sterling silver bracelets out of Volcano Rock, and gifting a bottle of Eden's Garden Fearless Synergy Blend Essential oils, the Volcanic stones absorb the woodsy musky fragrance eliciting trust and confidence throughout the day, for whoever is wearing and who he sells or seduces hahaaaa.

Infact Cal posted the funnest story in his product description of the man or woman who uses his wearbles sets for charity. The thing is that the practical discreet wearables combined with the fashion and style is an irresistible combination. This story is field market tested with total accuracy, events really unfold in this sequence, EVERY time. Cal always feels like 007 like four times a day. Click on the link to read the story in the product description, it is very cute.

He is also having fun with polka dots. Our lovely artisan moms in Mexico are so adaptable in keeping up with new design techniques, taking care of their families and making money knitting the ties and assembling the wearable hardware. When Cal gets the sets into our studios, he programs the wearable gadgets and sends it off to our clients, who go for the full 007 experience! 

Sean Connery was the best James Bond, hands down! The man still has the PHD in TDH, namely tall, dark, and handsome!

Sean Connery in Thunderball (1965)

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

Look to your right! Our couture wearables accessory eCommerce shop is now a Crypto Currency barter site! We love it this way! If you are still using the fiat currencies, no worries, we can still accept your orders. They still make a difference to our lovely artisan moms! 

In review, keep on the lookout for new discreet wearable gadgets, we would love for you to share any cool new products you have discovered. We promise to continue to develop our wearables platforms to keep up with the speed of light demands that fashion and tech marriage produces. 

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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