The best tips for wearing celebrity fashion clothes correctly.
Number 29, the bodycon dress and sweater dress.

The next best tip for wearing celebrity fashion clothes this time goes to:

The bodycon dress and sweater dress; how to wear one and NOT look like this.

5 celebrity fashion clothes tips on wearing a #bodycondress and/or #sweaterdress :

Here you go. 

  1.  It should be high-fashion (otherwise it just broadcasts cheap and easy, the opposite of celebrity fashion clothes).
  2.  It should be done in high-end luxury materials (nothing worse than a body-con stretch in a poly).
  3.  If it has a high slit, wear tights (it's not classy to wear a tight dress and a short skirt with bare legs).
  4.  Go for a higher neckline. Don't attract the wrong attention (there is a fine line we tread between confident, immodest, and trying too hard in a fashion climate where oversize is trending).
  5.  Know thyself. If you are wearing a print, make sure it's the right print for you. If you are in doubt, go with a solid color. Go bright if you want to avoid boring. Avoid horizontal lines especially when they cut you off at your waistline with a duo-color look.

Celebrity fashion clothes body-con dress Tip #6 and #7. Just for a bonus!

    6. Where a bodycon dress that is not skin-tight. See the photo above. There is still some play            in that sweater dress fabric. 

    7. If you are wearing a sweater dress, use a thicker knit fabric. It keeps us warm, and conceals          any excess flesh in the way of unwanted bulge.

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