Haute Couture Tailoring from, "The original fiber snob"..... J-na.

Haute Couture tailoring-What should we expect?

What differing kinds exist today?

To simplify this subject, we will deal with both men's and women's haute couture as practiced today.

For men's tailoring, there are basically two types, one more exclusive and costly than the other.

Let us begin with the ultimate in men's tailoring:

BESPOKE: Bespoke tailoring was made famous in London, England, starting from the 17th century.

This method involves fabrics of the client's choosing, the fabric BEing SPOKEn for.

A pattern is made from scratch from the client's exact measurements, which leads to a garment that is truly unique, a one-of-a-kind original with the ultimate fit possible.

 J-na Inspiration

Freedom to express oneself is one of the great JOYS in life!

Are you enjoying this Freedom?

MADE-TO-MEASURE:This tailoring method starts with a pre-existing basic pattern that is altered or adjusted to fit the client.

Many times the altering process can take even longer than Bespoke, because the garment must be tried on and tweaked several times before a custom fit can be achieved. This seems odd to me, since Made-to-Measure clothing is much more economical than Bespoke.

See the example of our GSb Men's Couture Suit that is a BE SPOKE, not a made-to-measure because it was not hand tailored from a preexisting pattern.

GSb Men's Couture hand Tailored Suit Modeled my the Designer Cal G.

For women's haute couture tailoring, the methods may be very similar, as a true haute couture house will always meticulously measure the client to assure the absolute perfect fit necessary for any quality garment.

In Haute Couture tailoring and couture dressmaking, there are many detailed and positively intriguing techniques employed, with true artisans who are very, very skilled, and I might add, Patient!

True art forms can never be rushed.

There are many traditional custom fitting and construction rules, but I remind you, in haute couture, rules are made to be broken!

With so many new innovations in design, true couture must have no boundaries!

However, there really must be but two "Golden Rules" for haute couture tailoring:

1. The finished masterpiece must fit the client perfectly!

2. The couture creation should be constructed of luxurious or even exotic materials!

And for this designer, J-na, a.k.a. "the original fiber snob", I would like to add a third Golden Rule... the finished product should NEVER look mainstream or mass-produced! It should be glorious! I want all of my clients to shine as truly unique and discriminating people!

Why does this designer always carry her measuring tape with her down the runway? Answer: J-na wants everyone to know how true haute couture tailoring and methods insure a custom, one-of-a-kind look worthy of her esteemed clients.

With anything in true haute couture , there must be a lot of emphasis on intricate detail and exquisite materials, and therefore, much of the construction must be done by hand.


Yes, but again, do we want to look like the masses? I suggest that we love to stand out in the crowd, with an ensemble, and with accessories that scream, "Haute Couture Tailoring!"

Couture tailoring has a long-standing and beautiful history in Europe and world-wide, click here to read about it!

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