Haute Couture Collection :
Completeness j-na couture fall/winter 2011/2012!

A 2012/2012 Haute Couture Collection Launch!

Chicago, IL November 20, 2011 -- The j-na couture handmade fashion accessories line of exclusive all-original luxury high-end designs, after twenty years of conceptual planning is announcing the launch of the j-na couture full collection of haute couture.

"We are so excited to launch a full line of haute couture that embodies the uniqueness of each individual and their right to project their personality and true self confidently through high-end exclusive fashion mediums," states J-na, j-na couture head designer and director.

The collection is in keeping with the original j-na concepts for her line of couture accessories, all being handmade, exclusive with no two pieces made the same, often multi-functional interchangeable, with optional real jewelry and gemstone adornments, with an emphasis on hand-knit rich textures in natural compassionate furs, silks, and feathers.

The collection is comprised of two and three-piece couture gowns, flowing couture evening dresses, couture cocktail dresses, couture sweaters, and couture vests.

All of couture models are complimented of course with the latest in j-na couture accessories in couture handbags, headdresses, fashion hair pieces, and jewelry.

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For years Jena or J-na has been an advocate for women, communicating her strong ideals through motivational speaking, community work, as a fashion editor through her inspirational website www.jnacouture.com, her extravagant fashion designs, and textile art. J-na is known as the only couturier that during her personal design consultation with her clients, and after the clients choosing a couture model garment to be custom-made, has the client take a brief personality test to ensure that the final result will be in harmony with the true self of the individual client.

Her outlook and vision on haute couture is the following:

  1. Handmade
  2. Custom Fitted
  3. Exclusive one-of-a-kind
  4. High-end materials
  5. Extravagant yet WEARABLE
  6. Comfortable
  7. Reflect the true self and personality of the individual.
  8. Within the reach of more than just the super-wealthy!

"We are just ecstatic to have the privilege to serve women empowering them discover and develop their true couture concept, and be introduced to the wonders of couture living and attitude! Now though a complete line of haute couture clothing!"

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Three Piece haute couture gown in mohair velvet silk and with pearl torsade

j-na couture three-piece dress in silk, mohair, hand knit strapless top. The flowing train can be worn as a cape.

j-na completeness 2 pice gown with couture accessories

j-na haute couture 2012 collection two piece couture gown celebrity couture quality, totally original haute couture.

"Spiced Completeness"

Western american indian handknit vest with genstone embellishments.

Western American Indian hand knit vest with gemstone embellishments.

j-na couture sweater vest in fur and silk with j-na fashion wrap 2011 haute couture.

j-na couture sweater vest in fur and silk with j-na fashion wrap 2011 haute couture.

Mt. St. Helens stone and emeralds with pearls in a torsade. High couture j-na 2012

Mt. St. Helens stone and emeralds with pearls in a torsade. High couture j-na 2012

Couture jewelry as wild or as refined as you! j-na couture.

spanish flamenco rockera couture j-na 201

j-na couture gown, "The Spanish Rockera" with couture jewelry accessories and a j-na silk and marabou feather wrap haute couture.

haute couture spanish flamenco rokera two piece couture gown with long flowing train and chain embellishments.

Mohair Coat 2012 with royal headdress and gemstone embellishments

Mohair Coat 2012 with royal headdress and gemstone embellishments,

Couture Vest in Velvet  and real compassionalte fur trim. j-na haute couture.

Couture Vest in crushed velvet and real compassionate fur trim. j-na haute couture.

j-na couture head piece and cocktail dress with feather jewelry.

j-na couture head piece and cocktail dress with feather jewelry.

couture jewelry 2012 j-na gems and pearls torsade

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