Haute Couture Accessories from my fall/winter collection.

Individual pieces often have adornments in gold and gems embedded in their luxury mohair fur and silk fibers.

Hand knit couture accessories with fabulously rich embellishments and adornments in gems, Swarovski Crystals, and precious metals.

No two accessories are ever made the same. Pieces are made according to the individual wants, likes, colors, personality, and personal style of each individual client!

Couture mohair coats, shawls, scarves, headwraps, headdresses, bags, evening clutches, capes and more galore!

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Let us inspire one another to higher couture heights!
Individual design photos and descriptions.

couture jewelry pearls and gem

j-na couture jewelry!

couture jewelry j-na 201

Princess Headdress/wrap with purple royal fur mohair  coat

Royal Princess Headdress/wrap with fur mohair coat.

mohair couture coat j-na 2012 fall winte


Couture Treasures wraps with Pearl embellishments and gemstone adornments!

j-na luxury han knit fashion wrap 201
treasures fashion wrap 2012 haute couture
Fur handcuff clutc

treasures wrap in hunter with gold and malakite

j-na treasures wrap in hunter with gold and malachite adornments couture.

Red furwarp and green Headwrap handmade accessories

Headwrap with silver pendant and gemstone cabochon handmade couture.

Fur, silk, and marabou couture fashion wraps.

Fur and feather fashionwrap couture
orange and rust, chocklate marabou wrap fur and sil

Austrian Princess Wrap with Swarovski Crystals

Austrian Princess Wrap with Swarovski Crystals Handknit Couture.

midnight lace treasures fashion wrap with jewelry embellishments

j-na mohair and silk treasures wrap couture with precious metals, grey pearls and shell cabochons. Also can be worn as a wrap skirt!

midnight lace mohair wrap skirt

couture 2 piece gown spring 201

j-na couture accessories.

j-na frill mini stole with stone and crystal embellishments couture.

-na frill mini stole
j-na fur tie re couture in mohair.

j-na fur tie couture in mohair.

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