The adventures of:
"Cal and his manbag"
The mens fashion Chicago scene and scenery!

The mens fashion Chicago scene is a coming up phenomenon of creative ideas and concepts! The classic conservative Midwestern United States fashion sense, or lack there of, has engendered a insatiable hunger for high-fashion and options that have never-been-seen-before. Fashions that will put Chicago on the fashion map as a style capital.

The best news about this is that a new fave of designers coming up have been unexposed to and unhindered by many the trends that eventually filter their way through to this land-locked city, thus resulting in All-ORIGINAL extravagant concepts and ideas. This is a combination for LEADERS on the mens fashion Chicago scene, not just followers with their own design spin on someone elses genius.

Let's celebrate the mens fashion Chicago up-and-coming scene and the scenery of this iconic city in:
"The Adventures of Cal and his manbag."

A day in the life of a mens couture designer, myself Cal Garcia, out and about on a summer day in Chicago.

No matter where I travel I always am caught saying, "....but there's no place like Chicago in the SUMMER." (Emphasizing the word "SUMMER" as opposed to "Winter".

North Ave Beach House Chicago

closeup of texture GSb manbag couture leather and fur
Mens knit leather messenger bag against vintage RV on beach GSb!

We started out at the North Ave Beach House, where they had a weekly summer series of events featuring killer local DJs, beach party galore!

This is at the show's end, the only time I could see through the people to get a shot of the beautiful lake Michigan in the background!

I ran into a couple of hippies that loved my manbag because it was, "Go Green" handmade. But, I could tell what they really loved was the HEMP rope strap inside the macreme leather and silk.

Here you can really see a closeup of the texture of the knit leather along with the alpaca fur that makes this bag so "pettable"!

Then suddenly I spotted one of those vintage steel RV's! We had to run over there because I always wanted a photo next to one of these puppies! For some reason they have just become a pop icon of their own wright because they are just so dang cool looking in the summer sun!!

Cal and his custom couture manbag at the North Ave Beach ouse.

Here is a full close up of Cal's famous manbag!

I can carry everything I need to carry, my wallet, a flashlight/bottle opener, cologne, my phone, Ipad, camera, keys, a bottle of Corona my favorite beach beer. The best part is that I don't have to look like I am on my way to school, camping, the gym, or the office!

I look stylish and unique, two traits that fit my personality and best couture concept. I love a nautical posh look with navy and white, but I also love the rugged earthy look accomplished in browns and with the use of natural hemp rope!

This bag was made with many intricate practical details that make it a couture unique accessory. For instance the real silver coiled hardware detaches to be worn as a matching choker and wristband ensemble as shown below.

The thing is, to really shine on the mens fashion chicago scene you have to reflect who YOU are, not someone else. You will be confident and natural, and stand out as someone that knows who you are and where you are going!

What would your ideal manbag be like?

Write us about it!

The most descriptive submission will get it's own page and sketch feature on the Men's Blog. Tell us why it would be a fit for your personality and style!

Or call me, and let's chat about having it made. Type in your number, google will call you, then connect you to my cell.

My manbag is truly my best friend, not my dog Hemi or my 72' VW bug I love buzzing around town in!

They are more like 2nd and 3rd!

Next we took stroll through Linclon Park. The mens fashion Chicago adventures continues...

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