A couture fashion handbag accessory for men is both practical and stylish.

A fashion handbag accessory for men is quickly becoming the most popular companion for the modern fashion-forward man! It's not just style that these bags bring to the table, it is the most practical idea we have seen in years for men!

So move over Rover, we got news for ya, a dog is no longer a man's best friend, maybe second best!

Even though these bags are creating a revolution in men's accessories, some guys still squirm at the concept of an all purpose "manbag". But in this increasing high-tech age, to stay competitive the list of "necessities" and little gadgets is ever growing right?!!

Where in the world are we guys supposed to put all this stuff anyway? I hate walking around with a million bulky things in my pockets! It not only looks tacky, but I hate always having to constantly cinch in my belt to keep my pants from sagging down! I gave up that "look" in high-school thank you very much, yes sir!

Face it, a bag is extremely practical! The problem is that unless you are going to the office, the gym, are a school boy with a backpack, or going camping, there really have not been many options available! UNFAIR!

Until now!

The day of the all purpose "manbag" has come! The best part is that chicks love it! I get more compliments from hot girls on my stylish couture fashion handbag accessory than any other demographic!

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See the latest model manbag here! Did you know that you can now customize your manbag straight from our online couture house?

all-purpose couture manbag in leather silver and silk

Out on the town! For a versatile formal look for the fashion handbag accessory with a custom suit! This is the combo to really turn heads! Of course, the look can be made in a very conservative way too, depending on your personality.

couture rugged manbag for beach, errands, park

Going to the beach, park, gym, or just out-and-about!

Top 10 essential things a man can always have within reach in his all-purpose fashion handbag accessory!

  1. Wallet (Studies have shown that years of unevenly sitting hunched over on a fat leather wallet leads to spinal, back and hip problems. Why should we have to suffer!)
  2. Keys (Get the bulky key set out of your pockets.)
  3. Cell Phone.
  4. Ipad
  5. Ipod
  6. Business Cards
  7. Water bottle
  8. Food bar
  9. Small LED Flashlight (The biggest problem of flashlights is that they are never around when you need them.)
  10. Swiss Army Knife.

What other essentials can you think of?

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

Since you are going to have a bag, make it a couture manbag!

A couture fashion handbag accessory means that it is handmade, in high quality, fits your proportions and size specifications, your favorite and best color(s), in is totally exclusive custom design for you, and fits your personality and persona!

That means your never in danger of running into another "manbag" exactly like yours!

Another idea is a couture Ipad case!

See the latest model ipad case here! Did you know that you can now customize your manbag straight from our online couture house?

mens couture Ipad case in goats leather and silver.

This is an example of the custom knitted couture cases and bags I design here at GSb Men's Couture. This one is handmade in goat leather and silver. It is a "handcuff design" meaning that the case is literally attached to your wrist cuff by a leather strap. For those that can't go without their Ipad this BAD BOY accessory is a must have!

Another great customization that is worth it's weight in gold was put in to this Ipad case. The wristband/cuff is embedded with E-Force strength and balance charged crystals! I swear by them!

They have made a huge difference in my energy levels, strength, and balance, it's incredible! They have been proven to deflect the harmful radio and microwaves that throw off our sense of balance and effect our strength and energy! This even makes for a better rest at night! Look it up for yourself!

handmade euro messenger bag leather for men.
mens leather knit messenger bag with silver, rope,and sil

This is the Euro messenger bag that I designed and hand made for myself!

I used recycled leather and rope to "tie" the rugged adventuresome "go green" concept into a the nautical rich look I love so much!

It has real silver macrame hardware that I made to detach to be worn as a wristband and necklace shown in this photo!

See the latest model manbag here! Did you know that you can now customize your manbag straight from our online couture house?

In this close-up you can see the real silver hardware on the bag itself.

This suits my personality and tastes, but what would YOUR couture fashion handbag accessory be like? Tell us about it....

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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