The Adventures continue with Fashions Night Out Chicago and more local culture.

Fashions Night Out Chicago is the yearly event to kick off the fall season of fashion culture. Here in Chicago we are experiencing a surge in local fashion scene and events. People are stepping away from the bland conservative and embracing new innovative fashion concepts.

There is an excitement that is almost tangible marking the rush of up-and-coming designers and the concepts that will redefine our city as a major fashion hub!

With this rush comes a natural shake out process among the would-be designers that will succeed or fail. There comes a point where you have to decide, "Will I do a slightly different version of the dated conservative fashions that sell in this market?" Or, "Will I perhaps delay my gratification moving beyond the simple and aspire to make history?"

The Fashions Night Out Chicago event sponsored by Vogue and the Chicago Fashion Foundation, that was hosted at the Underground Chicago by Marco Foster and really turned out to be a world class event! We could not have asked to see a better showing, the place was packed out , very excited, and happy to be supporting our local scene!

A Fashions night out event in Chicago crowed with Cal from GSb mens Couture.

I am really enthused about the potential of the fashion scene here in Chicago! Some very creative people are sharing a lot of energy and passion. This is just the push we need to move past the blase' and into another level of high fashion.

Its just about time for the local fashion and lifestyle magazines to go out on a limb and show the local talent to the world, not just showcasing the editorials with what you can find at Macy's and Nordstroms.

Fashions night out runway show chicago
Fashions night out chicago 2012 runwa

The fashion show on the other hand was disappointing, more of the same old boring designs that have come to characterize the local fashion culture with very simple cocktail dresses, skinny colored jeans, T's, and bags that looked like they were bought at the Vegas ASD Show wholesale from China.

But this problem was about to change, as you can see by the photos that Cal and his Couture Suit and manbag were the most interesting and creative high-fashion look on the scene that night!

Here I am wearing my Couture summer suit tropical weight fine linen with real Fur trim and silk and fur GSb men's couture tie, with the "manbag."

Fashions night out Chicago GSb mens couture.

This photo is with a great associate of mine Lola Laosebikan of Allure Events!

Every time I wear my couture ties and fur accents I get mauled by hot women petting the irresistible fur on the tie and examining the workmanship of these handmade art ties. This is completely unavoidable and Fashions Night Out Chicago was not the exception!

Here this fashion editor for a magazine that wishes to remain nameless was all over it. "I have never seen anything like this," she exclaimed.

Underground Chicago Fashions Night Out event.

Another local event besides Fashions Night Out Chicago that I enjoyed very much as a great way to say adios to the Chicago summer was the "Fashion in the Streets Fest" featuring local boutiques, designers, bands, of course the SANGRIA I am drinking in the photo, and several fashion shows. A really homegrown Chicago feel, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Here are photos of me reserving a good spot for the fashion show front and center!

Fashion in the Streets Fest Chicago 2012. GSb Couture on Cal the Designer.
Fashion in the Streets Fest Chicago 2012.

The bummer part of it was that all summer long there was a drought and then suddenly it started raining like crazy. So the local turnout took a hit but the show went on anyway. A really well organized event by Green Curtain Events.

Rainy day for Fashion in the streets fest Chicago 2012.

"The adventures of Cal and his Manbag hit the Chicago Fashion Scene" would not be without a visit to the new and incredible Trump Tower along the Chicago River. Has to be one of my favorite cityscapes!

In this photo you see how my manbag "really" looks on an average day! Ladies you are the only ones that know how to fill a BAG!

So ended another day and night in: "The adventures of Cal and his Manbag" on the Fashions Night Out Chicago scene!

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