The mens messenger bag known as "Cal's manbag" adventures continue with a Hike through Starved Rock Park!

This mens messenger bag is about to get some miles on it as it treks through Starved Rock State Park, my favorite scenic place in IL outside of Chicago.

Starved Rock State Park

The tale of this park is very intriguing as it is the site of a famous battle between two prominent American Indian tribes, and it is the burial place of the losing tribe as they literally were surrounded and starved out, hence the name starved rock.

Another famous site in this breathtaking place on the IL river is "lovers leap" where two Indian lovers that were from rival tribes took the plunge after the realization that they could never be together. Yes, I know what you are thinking, "That is probably a tall tale made up by a women." You are probably right!

Anyways, what does this have to do with men's fashion and the theme of these adventures Cal's mens messenger bag so fondly referred to as his "manbag"?

Well the answer to that is simple! Your chosen fashions should, like Starved Rock, tell a tale about you! It should not be the BORING story "I shop at the department store like everybody else."

Your fashions should tell a story about that is interesting, intriguing, even with a hint of romance ,if you will, geared to attract your desired partner.

The story that the mens messenger bag I made for myself tells those around me that I am foremost UNIQUE (no one has seen anything like this manbag), rugged (made out of leather and hemp rope) , bold, love the nautical classy styling (navy and white), have a flare for the extravagant (fur and silk), gone green (handmade with recycled and natural materials),and that I am successful ( real silver hardware).

Starved Rock PArk GSb mens bag pitbull
Couture Mens messenger bag GSb 2012
Couture Mens messenger bag GSb 2012 with detachable silver hardware/choker/wristband

Couture Mens messenger bag GSb 2012 with a detachable silver hardware/choker/wristband.

Another thing that attracts especially the ladies, is the real fur ascents, they are petting the bag in no time!

What tale would your custom made fashions tell about you? I challenge you to define the ideal you and tell me about it! Also if you wish, we can even talk about making an accessory or clothing that tells just that story!

o ended another day in the life of: "The adventures of Cal and his Manbag" on the mens messenger bag scene!

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What would your couture manbag be like? Practical fitting your size specifications, reflecting your personality and best colors and sizes.

Write us about it!

The most descriptive submission will get it's own page and sketch featured on the Men's Blog. Tell us why it would be a fit for your personality and style!

Or call me, and let's chat about having it made. Type in your number, google will call you, then connect you to my cell.

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