Versace Couture 2014 ~ Continuing The Tradition of unrivaled Glamour!

Versace Couture 2014 in creating yet another sensation, has again delivered on their reputation of stunning, sensual couture dripping with detailed workmanship.  What I admired is the use of draping and keeping a feminine and sensual feel with luxury fabrics and embroidery.

My favorite this season is this yummy pale aqua gown featuring a masterful draping and shaping.  

This is a sculptural masterpiece that would make any woman feel divine!  The construction seems to flow without appearing hugs and clings in a classy yet sensual way.  

There really is a fine line,..... in my book, of maintaining feminine dignity and power, and giving it all away with too much reveal.  

This look really plays on the dignified and glorious side!  I love it!

My second favorite, is this sheer embroidered bodice that manages to cover all the essential areas, while riveting the eye to the graphic black shimmering bars on sheer fabric.  I think it plays well with the full silver satin skirt.

  Yes, I is a bit sheer, but for a woman with a smaller bust, it would work well.  However, for those gals with voluptuous bosoms, out!  This will never work!!!  Unless the tacky cheap look is what they want!  Sorry......I am speaking the truth!

This vivid blue gown has a powerful feel to it, and the hood brings just a bit of mystery.  I think it is refreshing to see such a variety in Versace Couture 2014 this season.  

From yummy pastel furs,  this streamlined yet powerful hooded look,  I think there is a design here for every fashion personality.  

And this design also speaks to the House of Versace Atelier.....I just love the drama and power that it projects.  

Versace couture 2014 seems to attract celebrities and clients who are fearless and confident, there really is a distinguished flavor to their couture.  I for one am glad that this season has delivered what we have come to expect......the name Versace should continue to inspire confidence and admiration!

Here at J-na Haute Couture, we have always strived to project an image of confidence and drama that is borne from original individualized attention to detail. Each client should have complete input into their own special design. We enjoy doing a fashion personality profile and zero in on their real needs and wants. But the results are so worth it! Empowering others with personal attention is very rewarding for us!

Here is a favorite of ours that other designers admire for its originality, in keeping with our love of texture and drama!  Artist Cristy Corso is here working along with me to make sure that her exotic wood lighted nature box is seated properly on our model's head.  We really enjoy making a sensation on the runways!

Did you get inspired by Versace couture 2014?
Tell us what you would adjust in this collection to make it wearable for you!

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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