Wholesale fashion accessories.... The top 4 reasons people choose your boutique over the chain department stores.
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Wholesale fashion accessories....Why would you want your clothes to look exactly like the mass-produced items they can find at the mall and department stores for discount prices?

Why would any savvy buyer or boutique owner want to do that!

The reason the upper middle class, and upper class patrons come into your boutique is:

  1. To find what they can't find on the department store racks!
  2. mohair fur coat

  3. They also want a higher level of service.
  4. They want personal interest.
  5. An enhanced sense of community.

That is what we offer as a locally-owned and operated boutique. That is what we sell!

Let us position ourselves to be the best and to over-deliver on our niche.

Let us cater to the clients that will pay more, for your high-end clothing.

Promote luxury fashion accessories that make your clothing look like celebrity-level haute couture!

haute couture jewelry 2012
j-na 2011 fall winter haute couture
The couture that famous people wear

That is what is possible with j-na couture wholesale fashion accessories!

For example see what can be done with handmade j-na couture wholesale fashion accessories:

haute couture wholesale fashion accessories
j-na couture beach wholesale fashion accessories
j-na haute couture bracelet

Did it cross your mind, even for a second that the bikini-top you see in this look was purchased prior to the shoot on the discount rack at a famous department store that starts with a "T" and ends with a "t", that sounds a lot classier when pronounced in french?

The j-na hair piece, sarong, and pearl and crystal bangles, make the model look like she could be Mila Kunis or Shakira in her favorite beach couture!

That is what we can achieve together for your shop, and your clients with j-na couture!

Another one of my favorite examples of what we can do to make ready-made clothing have the allure of couture that high-end clients pay for.

Look at this look!

j-na couture fashion wrap

Does it even cross your mind that you are looking at a well made, but dated ready-made dress that is too small for the model?

No! You are thinking, "Wow, what an amazing unique haute couture look!"

If that is what you are thinking, imagine the sparkle and amazement in your client's eyes as their mouth drops and they say, "I have never seen anything like it, I want that!"

Your saleswoman then says, "Would that be cash or charge?"

Here are the j-na guarantees:

  1. All items are handmade originals.
  2. fashion mens accessories couture mens
    j-na-couture-christmas-gift fashion wrap hair fashion accessory

  3. No two creations are EVER made exactly the same.
  4. manzanillo beach j-na boutique couture
    wholesale fashion accessories handbags handmade fashion accessories

  5. All items are made from high-end quality materials.
  6. mohair coat and princess Turkish headdress

  7. Every wholesale fashion accessory article is custom made following your preferences in color (to match your colors of the season), styling, and target demographic!)
  8. a couture fashion
    accessoires haute couture haute couture cuff bracelets
    fashion neckalce wholesale accessory

  9. Every item can be embellished with optional jewelry adornments.
bridal haute couture
beaded fashion accessories fashion wrap

Show everyone that in this economy, your shop is stepping it up!

Not falling back, catering to evaporating budgets. That equals evaporating profits!

You are bringing in the big ballers, the couture level new and old money, and you are prospering!

j-na rocker fashion wrap and tube top handmade fashion accessories
fashion neckalce wholesale accessory

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Wholesale fashion accessories can be made to suit your special requests in design and delivery for your profit. See more stunning designs in the gallery of j-na couture collections

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