The New York eco-couture editorial: New Government!

Ok, we just had to do a New York eco-couture editorial because, there are few places on the awesome scale that beat New York in the summer!

A hub that really defines fashion really defines fashion should have more of an emphasis on green sustainable fashion, so you know we had to do an editorial statement on it.

This New York eco-couture editorial is in Brooklyn, and is so inspiring to me as a birth place of so many world-changing concepts, I had a vision when seeing this abandoned police station, of what this world would be like under a different system. Where everyone put an emphasis on training their conscience to timeless principals and takes responsibility for a sustainable future.    

An abandoned police station in Brooklyn NYC, births the coming of a new dawn.

This photo is the story teller in a tour guide of history, looking back on our future.

Here I am representing the forefront in this change, my handmade clothes in natural non-cruelty fibers represent the spirit of this responsible undertaking. 

telling the story of responsibility in individual empowerment fashion.

Special Announcement:

Cal is looking for new benefactors, he gifts his benefactors with a yearly package of custom couture fashions for each season, personal styling, personal shopping, and tailoring services, that are all done remote as a FREE gift of appreciation.

It's a cool process using today's 3D printing technology. You scan yourself, have yourself printed out as a mannequin (no cloning necessary!), and send yourself to Cal hahahaa! Then Cal uses your 3D print-out to fit, design, and tailor your seasonal wardrobe. Packages include all essentials including accessories, and a few frivolous pieces just for fun!

Ask yourself if you have any products, services, resources, properties, or assets that can benefit Cal as he expands to Europe? 

Book a video chat with Cal and start a conversation of possibilities.

These next series of photos represent the struggle to break free from the authority of the present system. 

Men's handmade Eco-couture editorial Brooklyn New York.

Notice the hand-dyed and printed flare rock-jeans! This is a new customizable option in the arsenal.

Men's couture editorial featuring recycled materials and batik custom slogan empowerment messages.

The handmade batik tie-dye eco-couture shirt made from recycled cotton has the custom slogan, "In ready-made rehab." This expression represents the conversion from a mass-produced mentality of low brain function to the freedom of responsible couture living by design! 


This shot I took in the Washington Heights subway, I am including this in the editorial to represent each of our individual journey to attain to couture living freedom outside appearance reflecting freedom within!

My journey has been long, hard, liberating, rewarding, and exhilarating!

My personal journey through the tunnel to couture freedom has been rewarding.
Mens couture editorial tunnel NYC meaning journey to couture discovery for each person.

This shot is THE SUCCESS! Once you have reached the other side and attained couture living! The gap between the authority of the ready-made world is huge, and you are determined never again to be a faceless fashion follower!

The gap between your ready-made world to couture living editorial couture.

I hope that our New York eco-couture editorial has inspired you on your couture development journey!

What can you share about your journey and what have you learned that can empower others to be leaders!

Click the link above and also see the empowerment options that are customizable online.

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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