Japanese street fashion and it's unprecedented appeal on the world scene. Swagger ratings anyone?

Japanese street fashion at it's finest seen here. Tokyo, being the world's largest city, by it's sheer volume alone makes it into a heavy hitter on the fashion scene. What makes up the essence of Japanese street fashion? The major distinguishing factor is the Japanese have such a highly developed sense of style based on volume, dark shades, and minimalism.

I love orange and that is probably why this Japanese street fashion look was so appealing to me. An example of how a dark burnt orange from head to toe can be so striking without being blinding because it is in a darker shade that we associate with fall neutral colors. This to me is like the male version of The 5th Element, one of my favorite films.   

Swagger rating of 9.5

This is your classic modern Japanese street fashion look. Everything you would expect from the black to the oversize with minimalist elements. I love how she made wise use of her accessories and chose a bright graphic bag that really takes this look from cool to awesome. 

Swagger rating of 7.8

This look is so well done! Styled from top-to-bottom impeccably. The thing about these styling techniques and Tokyo street fashion is that these are head turning looks that look good on all body types. Note how the pop of color up top and down below elongate everything. Even though the slacks are a contrasting color the line does not cut her in half at the mid-section because of the oversize A-symmetrical half-and-half coat

Swagger rating of 8.9

Now this is the other thing you would totally expect from Japanese street fashion. The culture that is heavily influenced by anime. Look at how graphic that print is on her slacks. Everything about this works. Usually I detest all black-and-white looks with that com-icon style  EXCEPT for Japanese street fashion that is!

Swagger rating of 8.6

Of course, there is always room for color, bright color that is! They pull it together so fabulously! It is striking yet cute with an element of humor. We loved these shots!

Here she is again! This girl is fabulous. Look at how she can pull off these neon lime green overalls. In Japanese street fashion they really go for it, they go all in. You would never see something this bold in Chicago. Only in Tokyo. Again, she is styled perfectly with all the right accessories. Amazing.

Swagger rating of 9.2

These two are oh so chic and glam with the right mix of textures, colors, and graphics. They could not have picked better bags to compliment. Again they fully committed and when everyone else is editing down to please other people they decided,"Hey, we are going to please ourselves and have some fun with this." That is what high-fashion is all about.

Swagger rating of 9.9

Other ways to do Japanese street fashion.

Plaid and wool are seen on the streets combined with texture in accent colors that give the dark shades depth and life. 

I love the mix of these plaid colors and textures with the dark velvet and vintage design elements. The velvet jacket with the lace trim just sings to me. This is so fabulous! 

Swagger rating of 8.8

Eco-friendly fabrics and responsible manufacturing. 

After talking to a friend of mine in Japan and doing some digging of my own I see that we are also seeing the younger generation embrace eco-friendly fabrics and clothing made with responsible manufacturing methods. We are thrilled to see them make such good choices. We here at J-na Couture have always been about eco-fashion and eco-principles. Educating the public on making responsible choices is more important now than ever. 

For the eco-conscience client we always recommend working with a local or small to medium sized designer or fashion house and always ask questions about the materials they use and how they manufacture the clothes they make. Always favor custom handmade clothing in eco-fabrics as it leaves almost no environmental footprint.

There we have it folks! While Seoul shows enthusiasm, so much creativity, and potential, it just can't compete with the experience that Tokyo has in putting together these brilliant signature looks. The raw talent is just unprecedented. 

How is this setting with all of you? Let us all put in our two cents below. 

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