Where can you acquire designer suits that also address personality type, are built in with their own wearable tech virtual spokesperson, and seamlessly make that day to nightlife transition?

Ok when speaking about designer suits, suited life, haberdashery, and the like, we all know where we can find the latest trend, or bespoke tailoring. When walking through Chicago's financial district you see a custom suit men's store almost every two blocks, aside from being extremely conservative and dull, most of the bespoke tailoring offered is done in Asia and not the United States anymore.

Well for those of us that are not impressed by the status quot, with the bar set just so low, we are interested in designer suits that are current, but also are suited not only to our bodies perfectly, but also suit our personality type. 

What if we told you that we can also build in a wearable tech virtual spokesperson or assistant if you will. This way you can express yourself on the virtual level. Everyone you come across that is empowered by your look that request to take a selfie with you or wants to know about you. You can share your relevant commercial, social, personal, or charitable information with them instantly when they hold their smartphone up to your suit! This virtual platform is very cool, and the best way to make connections in our virtual society.

Check out the Bello Mag November issue for our Cover Photo to the Most Interesting Man Editorial, these features are incorporated all of the aspects of Designer Suits that we are referring to in this article. 

  1. Bespoke Tailoring Made in the USA
  2. Distinctive Styles based on personality type.
  3. Wearable Tech built in Virtual Spokesperson
  4. Designer Suits with Reversible Jackets with a swag silk prints for easy day to nightlife transitions.
  5. Our Charitable Sub-brand Jior Couture Smart-tie and smart-Cuff Sets,

Photography by @tommichas

Wardrobe Styling by Myself and @jozerodstylist

Makeup Artist @sangwsoul8

Model @mathew.james.brewer @fordmodels_chi

Zach @10mgmt


The contrast between the Tie Pin and the Tie and suit designer satin suit is intentional. The tie pin is were we find the NFC smart phone readable tap-and-share wearable-tech. This is the premise of Jior (Your) Couture, our charitable brand is to make this tech accessible to your upper middle class individual, and to support mom's in Latin America and empower local artists through each purchase. Connect with the brand on Instagram. We need your promotional support.

This suit can also be acquired for the Professional, the Modern, and the playboy in you. Check out the sample sale in the online shop. 

bello-mag-November-2015-gsb-mens-couture-wearable-tech-editorial bello-mag-November-2015-gsb-mens-couture-wearable-tech-editorial-skateboard

Winter Style Challenge!

Hello Ladies and Gents! We have our Winter Style Challenge for you!Is it possible for you to Have Personal Style,...

Posted by Gsb Men's Couture on Monday, January 5, 2015

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