Couture Design has a Freedom mindset not a Follower mindset! We CREATE fashion trends!

To understand couture design, I would like to focus on one fundamental, which will help you identify the difference and contrast between the haute couture and ready-made mindset and concept.

The main difference is FREEDOM! Haute Couture designers have the freedom of design, and freedom of execution of those designs.

In ready-made design, the art form is very different, or I should say limiting, in what you can do to be successful in appealing to the masses, if that is all you are about as a fashion designer.

For example, to push a ready-made mainstream collection to market, a ready-made fashion designer is basically taking an already established style or trend for that season, following a list of rules set out by the fashion world, and putting their own little twist on that established concept. They may then call it their own, and then mass-produce it.

I find that concept extremely squelching to my creative flare!

Now let’s talk about the Freedom that Couturiers bask in, and the freedom that this in turn brings to their clients. Yes, this means great freedom of expression for you!

Although for each season there are a few trend and style guidelines like color and fabric, beyond that, Couturiers can do just about whatever they want!

Given that the major players, like Dior, Valentino, Elie Saab, and Chanel often do stay within the already established branding and concept that they are known for, the point is that they created that concept, and from there, the ready-made clothiers follow suit.

Like in this 2012 winter and spring season, we see these shades of red very prominent, and the sheer fabric popular, but look at the differences between the designs of each Haute Couture Designer!


Zahair Murad Gowns 2012 Fall Winter.

Paris Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012/2013

My shades of red for the season! Note the models of wraps that I created in red for the season, the only guide I followed was the color and I broke all the rest of the rules in fabric and texture! It was fun!

See galleries for more fashion design "rules" broken!

Look at the couture design model from Elie Saab and tell me that Elie did not freely carry out a scandalous demo of the freedom of couture design!

I mean, you see, they are all over the board, because that is what they want and cherish, Freedom of expression!

The benefit to You!

This means that there are no boundaries of expression when you have a Couturier make you clothing or accessories! You have them create something that is YOU! Your personality, fitting your shape, your style, your best color! The sky is the limit!

This is the Freedom that I love! Through Haute Couture you don’t follow trends, you set them. You are in another realm of fashion! The possibilities are endless.

A Couturier can create anything for you, the sky is the limit! There are no boundaries to the extravagance, luxury, and individual expression you can have!

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