Who made a Celebrity Fashion Mistake, and what can we learn from it? Learn how to style yourself successfully!

Our famous super-stars who inevitably commit "the Celebrity Fashion Mistake" at the risk of being a Negative Nelly or Critical Crony, I feel we can learn so much from them! 

These "bloopers" really do illustrate much about fashion, and we can educate ourselves and thereby avoid costly wardrobe blunders!

I feel it is only fair to balance our criticism with other flattering photos of our celebs looking smashing and adhering to the correct styling tips for their shape.

So I will contrast the good with the not-so-good, and we will learn much from each celebrity fashion blooper!

Since I really enjoyed her feisty, unstoppable character in the movie The Help, I have chosen Octavia Spencer for our first two celebrity fashion woes , hoping that she will be feisty enough to forgive me!

Which of these two dresses elongates her silhouette?  Which dress flatters best?

Notice that the pale Tadashi Shoji gown has a flattering V-neck and also a unified lovely color flowing vertically from top to bottom, thereby slenderizing Octavia's appearance. 

  J-na Reflection!

Our personal style in dressing reveals much about our personality!

What does your style reveal?

However, the shorter blue dress has two contrasting patterns that divide Octavia at the mid-line, a definite celebrity fashion mistake!

Also, many curvy gals find that too much gathering and pleating around the hips or waist can visually widen and shorten a person!

I would opt for a flowing A-line skirt with no gathers or pleats! A little shoulder interest would also help!

For Octavia's next two examples,
which of these dresses flatters the most?

See What Olivia Spencer did right and her biggest fashion mistake and learn plus size styling!

Although Octavia chose a very elegant white blouse and black skirt,... for her curvy figure, I would suggest two colors in the same tones to "Unify" and lengthen and slenderize. 

j-na couture for Chicago Opera Singer Mary Lutz. See more couture plus size secrets.

See these plus size styling principles put into action in the j-na couture gown I did for Mary Lutz the renowned  Chicago Opera Singer on the right in the silk and Swarovski Crystal seafoam and navy gown.

  Couture INSIGHT!

"Fashions Fade,.......style is eternal." -Yves Saint Laurent

Thus we avoid "cutting in half" the figure with too much contrast.  Notice how this works to Ocatvia's favor with the elegant white gown and its sleek draping. 

It vertically lengthens Octavia and has a "WOW factor" that is OH-so-flattering!

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