The bad celebrity fashion that Kate Winslet was caught in, and what we can learn from her personal style.

For our next lesson in dressing, we will look at a bad celebrity fashion or two with another curvy and lovely actress, Kate Winslet. 

She is the perfect example of a sexy and voluptuous woman, and how she dresses makes a huge difference in her image! 

I speak from more than 3 decades experience in designing for beautiful curvy women, myself included!

See my story in the "about J-na" page on how I overcame disfigurement from a tragic childhood accident and recovered my self esteem through couture living freedom! 

Which of these two dresses flatters Kate best?

Kate Winslet Kate Winslet French Couture 5

On a positive note, the blue gown has a V-neck and softly caresses her curves without being too tight or using too much yardage. 

Contrast the longer, leaner lines of the blue gown with the knee-length "fluffy" white dress with a black belt that "cuts" Kate in half, visually shortening her.  That would be celebrity fashion mistake #1 here! 

j-na reminder

Individuality PLUS Common sense is almost always the wisest choice in choosing a personal style!

Can you guess what is celebrity fashion mistake #2?  Curvy women, myself included, do well to avoid too much "fluff" or fabric around the hips. 

I would prefer to see Kate's dress skim her curves lightly to just below mid-thigh, and then the "fluffiness" or "puffiness" would not widen her silhouette.

Next, I would like to see a one-shoulder beaded strap to lengthen her just a bit.  But that is just me!

Couturier J-na's Tricks of the trade to Plus size beauty!

Another way to do the Black and White contrast right is to bring it up to the shoulders through embellishments, BLING, jewelry and other mysterious accessories! 

See this  j-na couture ensemble as an example!

Which of these two gowns makes the lovely Kate look taller and more streamlined?

Kate Winslet  Kate Winslet

Here is an obvious example of the power of wisdom in styling!  Notice the sleek, simple and clean lines of the black gown, with just enough drape to skim loosely over her curves. 

The embellishment at the waist is just enough to keep a vertical line and doesn't "cut her in half" like the silver gown.  With the silver gown we see 3 No-No's!

 Couture Insight!

The difference between Style and Fashion is QUALITY.

-Georgio Armani

Bad Celebrity Fashion#1: 

The severe contrast between the silver fabric and black belt "chops" her height in half!

Bad Celebrity Fashion #2:

The fabric looks wrinkled and baggy!

Celebrity Fashion Mistake#3:

The excess yardage and pleats in the skirt do not flatter women with curvy hips, they only widen the appearance! 

(Sorry Kate! I adore you, but I have to tell the truth! We could make another whole dress out of all that frumpy gathered fabric!)

I hope these examples can illuminate how powerfully a few basic tips can work for you!  I wish you all the best in your couture adventures!

Much Luv and Inspiration!

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