About celebrity fashion: Plus Size Dressing Tips #'s 2, 3, &4.

About celebrity fashion secrets in Plus size styling, let's gaze into some industry rules and tips for Jennifer Hudson......and the rest of us!  Here we see two photos of our darling Jennifer.

Jennifer Hudson The multi-talented and stunning Jennifer Hudson showing off her beautiful dress at the 2008 Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008. She won the previous year for her performance in "Dream Girls."

 Which do you feel is the most flattering dress? Which of the two makes her appear more streamlined and taller?  Here is a great illustration of how three simple "tricks of the trade" can go a long way in helping us  "mere mortals" to wear celebrity inspired fashion!

Plus Size Dressing Tip #2: 

Let Colors and Contrast work FOR you, not against you!

These two photos of Jennifer Hudson really do instruct us in how powerfully the "FLOW" of color can affect our appearance! Do you see how the white dress unifies a vertical line?  Even with the empire waistline (one of my fav tricks too!) highlighted with a touch of black, it still flows upwards and downwards, creating just a bit of drama while still maintaining the line. But the blue dress shows how too much contrast in tones, especially right through the midsection...literally "cuts us in half"! We look shorter and wider!

     ........This dress also breaks my Tip #3 and my Tip #4:

Plus Size Dressing Tip #3:

NEVER wear tight and/or uncomfortable clothes!

j-na reminder

Individuality PLUS Common sense is almost always the wisest choice in choosing a personal style!

Talking about Celebrity Fashion, which of these two dresses makes Jennifer look more confident and relaxed and elegant? Can you see how the drapey "flow" of the white dress is so appealing and attractive?  Would you say that the tightness of the blue dress adds the appearance of more weight to her?  Tip # 3 cannot be emphasized enough! Tight clothes add "weight" in the arena of plus size dressing!

Plus Size Dressing Tip #4:

Make use of the RIGHT hemline!

The contrast here in Jennifer Hudson's two dresses and their hemlines also illustrates what the right hemline can do for our appearance.  Can you see how the longer white dress with the empire waist gives a longer and leaner line to her look?  But the blue dress also shortens and widens her look with the short hemline.

I hope these tips can help you in your search for well-made elegant and celebrity inspired fashion!  As a plus woman, I have learned "the hard way" what works best and what doesn't in my quest for beautiful plus size dressing. 

Here is an example of a J-na Couture gown modeled by the gorgeous Nneka, which exemplifies the above tips:

j-na plus size gown and styling secrets for slim tall look in velvet couture dress.
j-na couture plus gown in wine styling secrets for a slimming and tall appearance!

From the above tips, can you pick out why this gown visually slims and lengthens Nneka?

What did you learn about celebrity fashion today?

Click here for the #1 j-na tip about celebrity fashion plus size beauty!

WE would love to hear form you...all questions, concerns and opinions are always welcomed!

Yours in Elegance,


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