While Sightseeing in Chicago, how can you style yourself so as to truly feel a part of the city's structure, appeal and greatness?

Sightseeing in Chicago, you are no doubt captivated by the cities architectural structure, from historical such as the Wrigley Building and Mercantile Mart, to post Modern such as the Trump Tower.  Style yourself in pieces that have a strong structural design element and feel a part of the cities allure.

 Photo Taken on the stairs to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. One block south of the Miracle Mile by Water Tower Place and Chicago Shopping.

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Editoral Photo Shoot:
Couture Fashion walk along the Miracle Mile finds it's way to an unknown foreign palace!

Odds are you are also taken aback by the subtle greatness and calm pride reflected in the attitudes of Chicagoans, the clean impeccable lines so evident in the landscape are reflected in the overly conservative style choices worn by most.  This greatness has a mystery to it, that reveals there is much below the surface, a whole culture that is concealed from the eyes of the average onlooker. 

Chicagoans are so polite and nice, not outgoing, but please take the initiative to reach out and meet them, you may just make lasting friendships! To facilitate this, we build smart-phone readable tap-and-share wearable-tech into your clothing. Instantly share your basic info and interests with those you meet on the virtual level and make lasting connections impressed by your unexpected mysterious use of tech in our virtual society!

When styling your hair for sightseeing in Chicago, the windy city, really get into the city's allure and go for the recklessly put together natural beauty look as seen above!

Suited for an evening event, this gown will ensure you are the belle of the ball. This look can easily fulfill a tulle bridal couture fantasy, and during Couture Fashion Week in New York in September it was showcased as such. In fact the NFC Technology in the Gown is programmed to send out a custom Bridal Thank You Card to the bride’s guest’s smartphones as they come up to greet her and take a photo with their smartphones. Just one of many practical and astounding applications made possible by incorporating NFC Technology into couture fashion. Photo taken outside the John Hancock Center along the Miracle Mile in Chicago.

Get the Scoop on this wearable-tech application!

J-na Couture & GSb Men’s Couture are incorporating high-tech into innovative new techniques in couture styling and fabric manipulation. NFC enabled microchips embedded into the garments now allow the wearer of the garments to express themselves to the world now on a virtual level as never-before-seen! The owner of the garment can send their professional and social friends and acquaintances a fully customizable virtual message or destination via their NFC enabled smartphone when they tap the garment with their smartphone. The wearer of the garment can send people to their chosen social media platform, video introduction, charitable event page, book list, blog or website for example. In this editorial we see shiny and metallic fabrics make for classy and evening-inspired looks. Silk is used for added elegance, through train details on the shoulder or around the waist. Men’s couture looks each contain a wool element, hand knit and woven with Alpaca fur. Silk or leather materials are added to enhance the pieces.

When sightseeing in Chicago it is best not to wear pieces that are too fashion forward, but do not go so far as to dress overly conservative like the rest. It does not take much to stand out in the crowd and turn heads. We want you to have this experience, as it is empowering and fun! Wear pieces that are not too loud in the use if color, but have unique elements and an air of mystery!

Make sure you look us up when you are in town. 

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You simply must meet us for tea at Soho House Chicago or see our showroom for very unique Chicago Shops and Chicago Shopping. You can always book an advance consultation for us to style you before your visit!

This is also a closer look at the historic Church across from then 900 Michigan Ave Shops where there is all kinds of interesting Chicago Shopping.

While sightseeing in Chicago it is best to style your hair very natural and whispy, since it is always wise to work with the wind instead of against it.

Sightseeing in Chicago, we are on to the Alhambra Palace, an exact replica of the Palace in Spain.

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Men’s Designer Cal Garcia of GSb Men’s Couture




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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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