A private bridal runway is a pleasurable way to connect with the latest in personal style and wearable technology!

A private bridal runway planning package that is as important as it is whimsical and fun! Walking down the aisle is the most significant runway you will ever walk down! Meet the professionals that will insure you are runway ready and feeling glorious!

J-na Haute Couture Bridal in collaboration with Fashion Design Center professionals offers a very fun and helpful service for prospective brides.  We offer an afternoon of helpful tips. Elegant food and drink, and even makeovers for the whole bridal party. Then, to top it off, we provide a very dramatic runway show and even a bridal party photo shoot with an experienced photographer.  Our afternoon bridal party package includes:

1. An exclusive trunk show/runway of exquisite gowns and accessories for the entire bridal party.

Instead of trying on a series of ready-made gowns and hoping to find the one that makes you look and feel divine, fulfilling your expectations from the limited supply of selections on hand. Discover the empowerment of bridal couture, let the gowns come to you. In the coveted world of custom couture, the only limits are set in your imagination. 

Bride and bridesmaid gown options ranging from the Traditional, Mature, Modern, Conservative, Artistic, Avant Guard, to Fantasy.

2.  An elegant luncheon is provided.

Enjoy the merriment and levity of of the journey and process with an elegant lunchoen, just the ladies as you design and discuss the options in personal style and bridal fashion presented along with the cutting edge technology put into these "smart-gowns."

The Luncheon menu is provided with Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Vegan option available.

3.  A fun and informative makeover and bridal tips session.

Discover your best color, determine the best color for each individual and the collective bridal party.  Learn about the balance between contour and natural beauty enhancement with the latest beauty trends. And experience these trends first hand with a wonderful makeover session!

4.  A photo shoot session for the entire bridal party.

What a fun way to commemorate a lively, luxurious, afternoon celebration with your best girls! You will be looking camera ready after your makeovers. Relish in the status of having your own private bridal runway and share this with the world to build expectation of your fabulous day! 

The best way to interview a photographer is to see his or her work of course! What better way than to see how good they photograph you! In working together with this Pre-Photo shoot build a trust level and good dynamic. Many elite fashion photographers simply do not do weddings, but rest assured, we will ensure that the photographer present for your private bridal runway is in-fact ready and willing to shoot your wedding!

Important details for your Private Bridal Runway.

The fee for coordinating this afternoon retreat is $699 dollars. The fee must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to your desired date.

If the resulting sales for this event reach $5,000 or more, our package fee of $699 will be completely refunded.

Feel free to contact us at our studio in Chicago at 1200 E 35th St Chicago IL 60609 5th Floor.  Our phone# is 815.513.2776 for bookings. 

Cal's email is cal@jnacouture.com.

We guarantee our clients will be impressed!

Alterations on current bridal-wear, mother-of-the-bride, and accessory packages can also be discussed as an alternative to private runway session of bridal gowns. *

*Volume discounts and full bridal party garment, accessory, and alteration discounted packages are also available.

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