New York street fashion! Can the city that never sleeps keep up?

This is the New York Street Fashion we have some to expect from the city that never sleeps (No more sleep till Brooklyn!). Can NYC keep up and stay ahead when fashion hubs in Asia are almost literally always 12-16 hours ahead of them? Yes NYC can, and it tends not to disappoint. 

This denim look is everything. So creative and the overall flaps on the already oversize jeans. So beautifully and outrageously unnecessary! 

We love that random girl that can take random pieces and make them work into this kind of a crescendo. We all want to be that girl. We are that girl! Yeah!

Oh we hate furs.......but! What a literally killer combination this looks makes. 

A day on the marina in New York in J-na couture wearables. Nautical High Fashion people. Get into it.

Of course! What would NYC be without it's many harbors and docking points? More great New York street fashion. 

The Caption in this post says, "Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry."

I love that. It says it all. When you are the CEO you get to set the dress code, and who is going to challenge you? Nobody...... because if they dare say anything, then they are about to become a nobody (unemployed), as if they were not a nobody already (employed). 

Isn't this look as yummy as a tangelo dreamsicle in summertime? We think so.

j-na couture New York street fashion. Swarovski Corset belt broadcasts your virtual business card to those you want to give your info to, right on their smartphones.

Check out Stacy in my J-na couture wearables look! Accessories! She is wearing a Swarovski corset belt! Swarovski corset belt broadcasts her virtual business card to those she wants to give her info to, right on their smartphones.

 She is sending out signals alright! Literally everywhere she goes!  Discreet wearables are more fashionable.

Another Day another dollar! Here she is again in a look that I made to be noticed. Just like all the looks we promote. Stacy is wearing my nautical look as she is stepping off the streets onto the yacht.  

Ladies First! But where are our guys? New York street fashion at it's finest people. 

This look is so unmistakably New York Street Fashion it made me have a flashback to my favorite 90s movie based in New York that had amazing street fashion starring Angelina Jolie!

Of Course this is so obviously an ad campaign. But it is oh so New York Street Fashion that I had to put it in there!

J Balvin on the NYC streets in the rain like he just doesn't care, and like he doesn't have at least two body guards with him equipped with at least one umbrella! LOL The Puertorican influence on New York street fashion is still going strong. 

Typical plaid, but in NYC it's not so bad. Those jeans are awesome. Cal coined that kind of open look with ties almost five years ago. 

My son and designer of our men's lines loves wearing his GSb wearables pieces when visiting NYC. 

No trip to NYC would be complete without a stroll through Central Park, Cal told me, even if it is winter. 

He says another essential is a hot cider in East Village! 

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