Latest news fashion accessories: Swarovski mini-wrap and the Opera and the pivitol "Fluffy Fly Tie" moment.

What's the Latest news fashion accessories? Well, this is what happened, Chris the chief marketing officer of the American Chamber Opera was on WGN midday fix with us promoting the production of the Magic Flute in English in j-na couture and GSb Men's Couture!

J-na and Cal on WGN TV promoting the couture costumes of Mozart's Magic Flute in English in Chicago.

It inevitably happens,...always does! He was wearing a GSb Men's Couture hand knit tie with it's rich texture in silk, compassionate fur, and leather when the reporter interviewing us cannot resist reaching out to PET the tie on his chest! (Ask my son Cal, everywhere he wears his fur ties, he getts petted!)

Anyways, look at our faces (Priceless), we know that this is really happening with millions viewing! As she is petting his chest, Chris you can tell is very surprised (his first time wearing a GSb Men's Couture tie) he out of nowhere responds, "Yeas, the FLUFFY FLY TIES!" HAHAHAHAHA! I, of course almost died, this was LIVE so that means no edits! Then we laughed it off and just went with it....The Fluffy Fly Ties....after all it has a nice ring to it! 

The Maestro and the pianist loved the concept, and both ordered their custom fur handknit bow ties! HAHAAA!

We sure had fun with that appearance, and the whole Magic Flute Opera Experience.

The Swarovski embellished mini-wraps were the accessories that became their own spot lights to the performers! 

The Queen of the Night and princess of the Magic Flute in Swarovski Crystals before TV performance preview.
The queen of the night and Princess of Motzart's Magic Flute on WGN midday fix Chicago 2013.

They gleamed and glistened in that theater lighting like diamonds in the sky! The audiences were stupefied in awe!

The photos just cannot do them justice.

This was such a moment o sorrow! Many were weeping. That is what we love about the Opera, we get to connect to our emotions in such a beautiful way!

The heartbroken princess in Mozart's Magic flute in j-na couture glistening in Swarovski Crystals!

The high, heavenly, and hypnotic voice of the rare Soprano that can sing Mozart's masterpiece for the "Queen of the Night" combined not just with any costumes, but actual couture from my 2013 Fall Collection and the latest news fashion accessories with the Swarovski Mini-wrap. The concept was infact astonishing!

The queen of the night, enveloped in darkness, using her heavenly voice to lure and play on the prince's emotions.

The Queen of the Night in Mozart's Magic Flute in English, in Chicago, wearing j-na couture.
Opera Costumes and glistening Swarovski crystals on stage with the Magic Flute performance in Chicago.

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The Swarovski covered shoulder wrap or shawl, that gleams in the sun or night's light.

In the latest news fashion accessories, the way these wraps sparkle even left me speechless, and I am the designer! The only thing I can compare them to are the almost mystic bio-luminescent waters of the bay in Fajardo PR at night.

Any agitation of the waters makes the whole area glow, you scoop up the water in your hands and its like a handful sparkling of gleaming diamonds streaming down your arm! The Swarovksi mini-wrap was it's own sparkling spot light on the Princess! Just mesmerizing combined with her beautiful voice and girl like innocence!

Did you know that these versatile Swarovski mini-wrap accessories are fully customizable in our online accessories couture house?

My son Cal and I just LOVE making the costumes for Opera productions because are passionate about incorporating time period and cultural iconic nuances into our modern couture designs, because we all should connect and celebrate our roots and diverse backgrounds, it's so healing and liberating, don't you think?

See other photos here of the most emotional moments

from the performance.

(click on a photo for a slideshow gallery)

The queen of the night in the Magic Flute commanding the princess to murder for her master plot.
The queen of the night magic flute j-na couture persuades princess to kill to advance her quest for power.
The queens maidens with prince magic flute couture costumes from j-na and and GSb couture for Mozart's Magic Flute American Chamber Opera Chicago.
The queens maidens with prince magic flute couture costumes from j-na and and GSb.

We also try to use quality recycled fabrics in an effort to promote an eco-friendly non-ready-made ideal that doesn't scar our planets ability to regenerate! It also saves the Opera company quite a bit of money, THEY LIKE THAT!

What we do is so Eco-friendly anyways, being handmade!

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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