Lakme Fashion Week!
It’s Time for the West to Ape India,
Not India to Ape the West.

The designers of Lakme Fashion Week have out done themselves again. Lovely designs and concepts of Lakmé Fashion Week. As much as I loved all the designs of day three, I really loved Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti’s collection for the Winter/Festive 2014. For Spring/Summer, the perfect colors of bold red and blue color scheme was well incorporated. She also mixed the classic uniform with modern oriental fashion.

Bold patterns throughout were used in almost all of the designs. The patterns were incorporated very well and not overused. I was able to unlock exclusive interview content with Shruti Sancheti. Her speaker says that now the time has come for the West to Ape India, and not India to ape the West. Ministry of Textiles is starting to bring Indian handicraft to the Indian platform. According to Shruti’s speaker, the Ministry of India has the done the right thing by sponsoring local Indian designers.

Shruti also used the symbol of the Kamal which was considered “ingenious”. The Kamal is originally called Kamala in Sanskrit which means Lotus. Shruti wanted to tribute to the glorious silks of the country and making the West see the best of what India has to offer. I truly believe this is the right cause that India is starting. For all these years, India has been following us for fashion and now it is time for the United States to recognize Indian fashion.

Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive Day 4 Highlights

As soon as I started watching the show, I immediately fell in love with the first collection that showcased. Anything that has an enormous amount of embellishments, I will immediately fall to my knees. The collection had a futuristic Barbie style to it with the sexy cuts, party girl embellishments and clear plastic bags and suitcases. The pastels of blue and purple were amazing to be shown for Spring 2015. The creative designer behind this amazing collection is none other than Shubhika Davda. Her brand name is called Papa Don’t Preach that launched in 2010 bringing back fashion-forward styles of Indian women.

Her inspiration was a frozen, winter wonderland where the girls have created a world of their own that preserve that one feeling that will not disappear. She wanted to show that one feeling that she always had and to “freeze it in time”. She used lilacs and frosty blues with a combination of an edgy and rebellious style for her inspiration to come to life. These silhouettes that she created are hand embroidered and are very heavy to lift. The fabrics she used were silver jute (long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads), micro-net, and lycra for her jersey dresses. For Shubhika, she created individual items and let her clientele style things on their own. Absolutely one of her best collections, and her concept behind it is amazing. I look forward to her next collection in the future.

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