The Haute Couture Gown Wrap!
Less shivering and more shimmering!

The solution to all the below is an elegant haute couture gown wrap! Ladies, how many times have we had to grin and bear the cold as we leave a car or building in a gown?

And what about sitting quietly at an opera or play in a glamorous gown while we try not to shiver from too much air conditioning?

The perfect layering accessory, made to complement or match any evening gown or shoulder-baring dress.

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The advantage of custom ordering a haute couture gown wrap, is that from our perspective, we design each one to perfectly reflect the luxurious evening gown and to also go one step further,... to even ENHANCE the entire look!

The best Christmas gift a couture custom fashion wrap hand-knit

Did you know that couture fashion wraps are now fully customizable through the online couture accessories shop.

With very elegant and rich materials, the couture fashion wrap will be certain to attract a lot of attention in its own right!

The perfect couture accessory and the most practical to stay warm! Now fully customizable in the online couture house.

The perfect couture accessory and the most practical to stay warm!

The really exciting adventure that I enjoy most, is to invent new and captivating styles for these practical, warm and irresistible creations, in fact, to innovate a haute couture gown wrap that has never, EVER, been seen before!

One example that has received much admiration on the runway, is our "Austrian Princess" haute fashion wrap, that can also be reversed to protect hair and head from the elements, while letting the genuine Swarovski Crystals dangle and mysteriously frame the face!

haute couture fashion wrap made for valentino inspiration 2011

One of our favorite longer wraps is this "Treasures of the Czars" wrap in fine mohair and silk, with cascades of 14 Karat gold beads and pendants with Gemstone Cabochons.

Beautiful fashion wrap jewelry accessory that is now fully customizable in the online couture house.

Beautiful fashion wrap jewelry accessory!

Another very "Kathryn Hepburn" classic look, is this pale icy-peach fur wrap that really adds softness and elegance to a rather ordinary black gown.

cape fashion wrap to make your ready made dress look rich and couture

One tremendous advantage to having a custom-made couture gown wrap designed according to your taste, is that it can travel with you for years and adorn many of your favorite gowns, especially if you choose a neutral color!

Here is our most popular style ever, the "Jessica" haute couture gown wrap. Of course, we will never make any two exactly alike, but the blending of 4-6 neutral colors is what is so ideal! It is genius! With flecks of black, copper, beige and gray....the sand colored wrap is a total chameleon! It will go with anything!!! We have had rave reviews on its versatility and plush softness and all-natural cozy fibers! It just seems to make everyone happy!

Sumptuous fashion wrap to make your ordinary dress look haute couture

OK OK....I saved the ultimate haute couture gown fashion wrap for last! This one makes people almost faint when they see and FEEL it!

Softer than a kitten, this "Midnight Treasures" haute couture gown wrap is a veritable work of art! Plush compassionate fur and silk lace pattern, giant tassels decorated with 14 Karat pendants with genuine Cameos and pearls and solid gold beads cascading on its ends, it defies all previous recognition!

This haute couture gown wrap is lighter than it looks, and tends to create a sensation wherever it goes!

It is fully customizable as an exclusive piece in the online couture house for your convenience.

Wrap doubles as an interchangeable haute couture wrap skirt! Are you diva enough to wear this with a j-na tube top rocking your midriff? You have gold and grey pearls dripping from the tassels on the bottom of your skirt! Note that this is not designed to be floor length, unless you can afford to drag those across the ground, the floor would have to be spotless HAAAA! You would be sure to make a statement as to, "Yes, to me money is no object!" HAHA! Yes, these wraps are hand wash only, I'd have you know!

The ultimate in Posh Extravagance haute couture gown wrap dripping in greay pearls and gold!

Who doesn't want to make a grand entrance at a Gala Event? Why not wear a true masterpiece, a custom haute couture gown wrap designed just for you? See the J-na Collections for your wrap ideas in customization! Your haute couture gown wrap!
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