Pride yourself in the fashion jewelry accessory that is all about you! Your perfect look, project your personality uniqueness!
Only the real thing, like you!

With all the options available ladies, finding the right fashion jewelry accessory to complement a ravishing evening gown or chic cocktail dress, may seem a little daunting! After all, our own personal taste in a couture jewelry accessory may be classic and demure, or big, bold and sure to make a statement.

Do you choose your fashion jewelry accessory AFTER you have purchased your outfit, and then ponder what works best? Or do you prefer to make that Fabulous Find of jewelry your starting point, and take inspiration from that important piece and then plan the outfit or gown around it?

Most of us have quite extensive collections of jewelry, but we never tire of "going on Safari" in search of even more sparkling new additions!

I CONFESS! I have often designed an entire evening gown and wrap around an amazing gemstone and pearl statement necklace that we have created.

For example, in the case of this Ruby and Pearl Pendant in Sterling with a torsade of rubies, pearls and Swarovski crystals....

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The fashion jewelry accessory ruby torsade that inspired a couture gown

I found inspiration for the entire evening look from this one fashion jewelry accessory!

One question I like to ask myself before designing a couture jewelry accessory, is, Will this be just as lustrous and beautiful in 10, 20 or 30 years from now?

Would it make a lasting impression?

Is it just a passing trend...a fad that will soon fall from favor?

Is it made from luxurious materials?

After all, we ladies take pride in our collections of jewelry!

Spanish flamenco couture gown with rocker accessories.

One gemstone that has everyone "green with envy" is this giant Mount St. Helen's Stone that was created from the exploding fury of the famous eruption of that now-famous volcano.

The minerals unleashed from deep within the earth's crust have been harvested to create this beautiful green stone, which I enjoyed combining with pearls, emerald beads and yes, yes, yes...more Swarovski Crystals!

This is a fashion jewelry accessory with an ancient history...who knows how many millions of years those minerals have seen?

Who would have guessed that such destructive flaming fury could provide such a calming and serene green stone?

Mt. saint helens gemstone with emerald and pearl beads torsade. j-na couture.
haute couture evening wear 2012 made for jewelry and your best look
Mt Saint Helen's Stone with Emerald beads and extra couture Bling!

Which colors and materials do you gravitate toward for finding that perfect fashion jewelry accessory? One way to tell, is to analyze your own jewelry collection. You may notice a theme. Is it perhaps time to venture out in a new direction? Or do you just love what you love?

For special evenings out, I prefer the elegance of shimmering Swarovski crystals mixed with genuine pearls and gemstones, even though a fashion jewelry accessory does not need to be that exquisite or expensive. Let your imagination guide you to select that perfect piece to complement your look. It just seems that personal preference should be your "Golden Rule" for selecting that perfect fashion jewelry accessory!

Some of us have a very special and creative jewelry preference. I say it is a celebrity bling thing! The more places and ways to wear gold and gems the better! I love adorning, embellishing, or embedding real fashion jewelry into my couture clothes and accessories!

See the royal princess headdress/shawl that is dripping in amethyst and citrine gems in 14k gold settings!

Just Imagine going to a gala or awards ceremony in this, only to uncover a large matching necklace and bracelet set!

WOW! A stunning show stopping look, that is tasteful and not immodest!

As the many couture gowns are now in see-through sheer and silks showing everything, leaving nothing to be imagined, now THAT is in my opinion is very distasteful and an unwise strategy in drawing attention! THERE I SAID IT!

Haute Couture mohair coat and embellishments on couture headress!
Haute couture head wrap jewelry piece hair couture

I am a fan of the brooches, because you can detach them for varieties sake, it is so fun and creative to invent new ways to wear your favorite treasures. Only if they truly reflect your inner and outer beauty!

Fashion jewelry accessories that are perfect for a gift and full of couture variety.

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