Fashion haute couture has been safely reserved for the wealthy and elevated to set trends for the rest of the world.

What of fashion haute couture? It has been said that if you want to keep a dying art alive, elevate it's value, lower its supply and the demand will follow. 

The art of fashion haute couture is the best example ever of this principal at work.

It went from the highest sewing of the finest hand-woven fabrics, combined with the most original of artistic design to be almost eliminated by the tech of the textiles revolution. There was only one way out for haute couture and that was up darling!

The question was how could you get much higher than "high sewing" the English translation for the term "haute couture"? 

So we have witnessed the legacy of fashion haute couture be perpetuated and propelled to a special place in the modern industry. It's purity as an art and discipline would be preserved! 

Everything about the industrialized fashion industry would be dictated by the haute couture fashions created in the most regulated and coveted of the world's European Ateliers. Every detail from these Charles Fredrick Worth styled runway presentations would set future precedent and trickle down to saturate every aspect of the industrialized ready-made industry effecting virtually every human on earth and the textiles they will identify with and identify themselves by.

This causing a tremendous demand in as the supply of these coveted elite garments is so scarce and the influence and power attached to their brand names so compelling, these brands can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for adaptation of these hand made originals.

The french federation of haute couture highly regulates the criteria that these fashion houses must follow for these garments to quality as haute couture, but is also rumoured to regluate the artistic direction that these collections are inspired by. 

With such a high importance and responsibility wieled by fashion haute couture, does the enormity of the power go to the head designer's head? Does the pressure from all directions of the billion dollar industry also limit and suppress the potential creativity expressed by the designers?

In the history of the world, wherever there is an unbalance in power, with great power over milllions givven to a relative few, we see the effects of that imbalance. So we do see this come through in the designs. The arrogance, grandeur, and we can say grandiosity does come through in the design models. 

We also see the conflict between the unseemly unlimited power and influence and the demands of the fashion industry cartel, we also see the sadness, and the indignity of being vassal king, or a glorified slave of such a harsh master represented by the world wide cartel of luxury goods tycoons. These influences are pervasive, but it is fascinating to see the results of this conflict in the designers presentation as their creative geniuses are expressed with the skills of the ages with seeming unlimited budgets. It's a beautiful presentation. Always!

The way we have freed our creative process from this the compelling force of this conflict and deliver a pure form of creativity is to stay modest and cultivate humility.

This gives us the creative freedom without the regulation, and keeps out the arrogance and air of superiority from dominating our designs because our house is not backed by the luxury goods cartel and is subject to limitations of our entrepreneurship and seasonal budgets. Each season there are rags and riches, but if there are rags in our designs, it is quite intentionally a social statement you can be sure!

Go in through the door that we open to you, and discover and develop your true couture concept in fashion haute couture. Like our last client that went in leaving regret to the wind, you will find peace, not conflict!

Iris Aphel said it best!

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