Expressions of thanks and encouragement!

by J-na

Here are a sampling of some of the touching and heartfelt comments that some of you have been leaving!

I want you all to know that each healing word of encouragement has meant just SO much to me in my journey!

Tears and HUGS,

What a beautiful life you have created! You are an inspiration to all who have experienced difficult challenges in their own lives. It is people like you who make the world a better place!

Oh how we do hv thgs in common! Thank you so much for sharing ur short; to the point Bio life w/me. I hope to meet you one day. Oh how you sound like a wonderful friend. My youngest wants 2b come like u. A true fashion DIVA. She started off noticing nice shoes & nice purse at age 2. Loves Fashion!!! We're peers who hv been through a lot with a story to tell to others for hope & prosperity. ((HUGS)) Gv me a heads up when ur in Cali <3!

What an amazing, heartwarming and inspirational story by such a beautiful woman!
Jna, you are a shining example of the human spirit, and you are a true winner!


The story of your rise from tragedy to joy and self-fulfillment was truly an inspiration. Your passion and joy are clearly evident in your words. God Bless all your endeavors.


Thank you for sharing your amazing life experiences~ Not only a confirmation of your determination but how that one individual can turn out to be such a blessing to others by overcoming such great difficulties. You have proven that we all can succeed~

Fort Gariot MI

What a heart felt story,,,thank you for sharing,,You are a strong women.


I sincerely thank you for bringing your true story to my attention.

Your story is strong encouragement to others who suffer other kinds of burning and scarring which do not come from *physical* flames but who, nonetheless, know that they've been permanently transfigured from the child whom they first came to know as "themselves".

Though the early hours hear on the East Coast cause me to feel I could write a full dissertation in response to your story, for now, please let me share with you that I intend to point the members of my group called to your site for some much needed encouragement.

Thanks, and Keep STRONG, J-na!
+Vincent Wright

A real touching story..thank you for sharing really takes a special person to show others that anything is possible..that what we view as reasons is nothing more than mere excuses to achieve our own dreams..*a hug for the little girl* and *an applause for the amazing lady she grew up to be*..


A truly touching and empowering story. Bless you for sharing and your motivation to live your dream.


Creativity, imagination and individuality are the greatest gifts we all possess. In my experience, finding an outlet for these is the key to happiness and fulfillment. I love to see other people expressing themselves with the clothes they wear, even if it is not something I would choose for myself. Dare to be different and enjoy being you - you are truly unique.


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