The editorial fashion photography published in Cloud Orchid Magazine with Artist Misa Art.

The editorial fashion photography is entitled: The ART OF COUTURE. 

The line between art and couture is non-existent, both are an expression of the individual’s emotions and self-concepts. The individual that has the courage to define themselves and express their best couture concept, passes from finding a personal vision, to becoming the visionary that empowers others to be their best, to be themselves!

“My mom survived a life-threatening fire during her early years, she had to decide if she would let disfigurement scar not only half her body, but her mind and soul. She chose to redefine herself and express her true inner-self through couture,” states Cal her son and co-designer.


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cloud orchid j-na editorial 1

Misa ART:

I was born to be an artist. I started to paint when I was 4 years old. The first time I

painted was the President of the Czech Republic. I came to the USA 11 years ago alone

and opened an art gallery in Chicago. Shortly after that, I started to have shows all around the United States.

I arrived at my own signature style that blends several artistic genres into a blissful harmony.

My work crosses all borders and boundaries to create an expression of spirit and beauty that all audiences can relate to. To create art is the only way Iknow how to be alive. I would like to create enough to be able to support charities for children around the world… and I will.

Misa Verbeek []

The Team for this The Art of Couture Editorail include:

Annette Kerstin Photography


Justin Boltz

 MM# 2678800

Stephanie Quiroz []

Marisa Buchheit

Miss Chicago 2012

Miss Heart IL 2013

Opera Singer

Lola Aderibole []

zinnie zizi

Joanna Ok (Asiaa Ok)

Timothy C Martin


Lucia Pňačeková

Cloud Orchid Journal editoriale j-na couture e GSB uomini con l'artista Couture Misa Art. su Empowerment.

Marisa Buchheit, Miss Chicago 2012 and Miss Heart of IL 2013 expressed that her best concept in j-na couture embodies the nobility of the city she represents, regality of the fulfilled personal dream, and responsibility of expressing her ideals in her unique way. The Renown Opera Singer and public figure is seen in a Swarovski Mini-wrap, hand knit bodice with crystal embellishments, and a lined with lace skirt.

Couture editorial for Cloud Orchid Art Publication featuring j-na couture with Swarovski Crystals and Misa Art with painted patina, beveled and grinded copper.

 International artist Misa Verbeek painting in patina, grinding , and blow torching a sheet of giant copper forever etching the silhouette of Marisa in j-na couture as a tribute to the art of Haute Couture.

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j-na editorial in Cloud Orchid Mag plus size beauty in empowerment.

The Dignity and attitude can be expressed in wearable art through such a variety of luxury mediums best suited to individual style.

Here we see model ZiZi in a silk velvet and Swarovski Crystal j-na couture gown highlighting the vibrancy and often concealed rare beauty of the peacock.

To see a peacock is a privilege, and to see the peacock open its majestic and irrelevant train is a life changing experience.

j-na couture cloud orchid editorial couture empowerment Swarovski crystal mini-wrap french European lace corset.

Each person’s best couture concept is as different as the contours of their physical silhouette, the variety of their personality, and the mixture in influences on their cultural background. Joanna Ok in a j-na couture ensemble including a j-na mini-wrap embellished with Swarovski Crystals, a texturized lace corset, and a full-length pencil skirt.

The editorial fashion photography with j-na couture Misa Art in tulle fantasy Swarovski gown.

Lucia Pňačeková in a j-na couture tulle and Swarovski Crystal gown with a vintage crystal brooch. This was Lucia’s choice as to the concept that best describes her persona, attitude, best colors, and vision of her ideal self. The softness of her personality coupled with the edginess of her passions and spirit!

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Misa Art painting in patina Lucia in j-na couture Cloud Orchid Editorial the Art of Couture for every personality.

Artist Misa Verbek is forever grinding, patina staining, and blowtorching the beautiful and unique silhouette of Lucia in a j-na couture tulle and crystal gown. A testament to each individual’s unique look, complexion, personality, and vision of their ideal couture concept.

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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