The couture purses obsession!
What is with it?

We know a lady cannot have too many shoes, and now that goes the same for couture purses too! The last few years have seen a dizzying explosion of multitudes of purses, and they are so hard to resist!

No matter what outfit we piece together, there is just something thrilling to pick out just the right shoe and is like the icing on the cake.....sweet! With so many styles and designer purses out there, it can make your head spin! Not to mention your bank account!

Nonetheless, these must-have accessories are simply not going to diminish in popularity. Each season there appear new takes on old themes, like now we see over-sized "coin purses" or clutches on the runways. I love it when vintage gets a new twist!

Angelina Jolie in her Louis Vuitton handcuff clutch.

But what I am so inspired by are new fusions of creative designs, like the handcuff clutch made famous by Angelina Joile in 2011.

Fur handcuff Swarovski clutch, j-na couture.
Swarovski Crystal handcuff clutch for 2012.

This was so inspirational that I decided to go one step further and substantiate the trend by designing the real compassionate fur hand knit Swarovski crystal handcuff clutch for 2012!

Secret 1 when it comes to purses:

Don't waste your money on high priced status bags that say, "I am a wannabe!" Invest your dollars in a unique couture original bag that gets you attention for being you, a one and only!

Snake, python and leopard or animal prints are hot now, and I am fond of those because of their neutral colors that blend so well and can be so versatile.

j-na couture handbag the "ocelot" hand made in faux fur with silk interior and detachable necklace adornment with mohair and deerskin strap.

There is almost a feeling of liberating euphoria when you know you have something totally exclusively yours and original, that can not be duplicated or copied!

Why not let us make you one of our custom couture hand made purses to perfectly suit you and your signature style?
The only fault with mass-produced designer purses, is that they are everywhere, and some of us are "allergic" to being copied!

Here are a few examples of our couture purses that will never be duplicated!

Hand made couture purse with knit mesh and real pearl adornments.

Couture handbag with crystal and pearl adornments, silk hand-knit exterior, silk and chain interior, and deerskin handle.

Contact me and we will have so much fun with a design consultation determining your best colors for your complexion and styling for your persona!

Velvet hand made couture high bling handbag with crystal, pearl, and stone adornments. Silk interior with deerskin and mohair handle!

Velvet hand made couture high bling handbag with crystal, pearl, and stone adornments. Silk interior with deerskin and mohair handle!
Couture accessories set that says, Yes this is ME!

What is so amazing about couture handbags is that you can make a purse to match a custom set of accessories, OR make the couture accessories for the amazing couture purse!

The possibilities are as vast as YOUR PASSION for FASHION!

The important thing is that you wear your purse with pride and everytime you look at your self in the mirror with it you say, "YES, THIS IS ME!"

That is the kind of confidence I want you to achieve!

A favorite design for my couture bags that I absolutely love to use is my very own original, because it sports a re-useable detachable necklace, that can dress up any other bag or ensemble of your choice! Practical and versatile indeed!

Nautical couture handmade jean bags with silk and cashmere with a detachable necklace!

And so the obsession continues.....couture evening bags will stay popular because we all recognize how, with one outstanding accessory, even the tried and true "basic black" dress or our favorite pair of comfy jeans will still be a fashion statement.

That is truly good news for those often hectic days when we have to throw something together at a moment's notice, especially when we need to be comfortable all day long! Three cheers for those couture bags!

I just love the fact that I can use so many luxe materials in my designs for couture purses! Deerskin for very sturdy yet soft and supple handles, velvets, silks, Swarovski crystals, cultured pearls that we often hand-dye to achieve just the right hue..... denim, brushed alpaca fur (let's support the Native Indian Tribes of the Peru Andes as they raise llamas for their alpaca is kitten soft and can be brushed to an amazing 3-D loft)....and a riot of lush mohair fur and metallic fibers that just scream out.."Touch me!"

There are NO limits to the imagination and rich variety of materials in engineering one of our fabulous couture purses....that once again will have no rival and will never be duplicated. It feels insanely delicious to be an own a piece of wearable and valuable art!

Tell J-na how you would want your signature couture purses!

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