Couture gala photos from Shea Vaughn's healthy initiative.

For this Couture Gala photos page, my son Cal and I designed two gowns for a Chicago gala hosted by celebrity Shea Vaughn...."Chicago's #1 Mom" and actor Vince Vaughn's real Mom. 

Her Healthy Initiative Gala was a joyful celebration for 40 contestants who have turned their health and weight around, with Shea Vaughn's coaching and Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" plan.  Dr. Joel is a TV personality who has been on the Dr. Oz show several times.

Here are stunning haute couture gala photos of a Chicago police Sargeant, Eleanor C and her daughter in her night of celebration. The gown is named, "On a mission from Istanbul to Cairo!"  Click on image to enlarge. Here is why:

Chicago police Sargeant, Eleanor C and her daughter in her night of celebration. The gown is named, "On a mission from Istanbul to Cairo!" Here is why:

She has traveled the world, from Africa to Latin America to London for her Global Missionary work, and we found 2 fabulous fabrics to weave into her skirt (under the sheer blue organza "glass") that represent her life!

We designed this gown to reflect her personality and best colors, and wove her life's mission into the mermaid tulle basket skirt that Cal innovated! 

Of course we had to bring it up to the neck line with the Swarovski embellished collar for built-in fab jewels!

This photo is so fun, a triumphant moment for Eleanor, Cal and I got to share in her glory.

Cal and J-na with Elenor at a Gala in j-na couture.

Doesn't Eleanor just radiate joy and love and VICTORY?  Her genuine feelings just shine in this photo!  She is still raving about her gown, read what she expressed in an interview with Cal after the event,

             "My name is Eleanor Collins. I am 55 yoa, living life as well as the reality of my dreams. After 26 years of active duty with the Chicago Police Department, I am a recent retired Sergeant and Operations Center Watch Officer @ the Homeland Security Office of Emergency Management & Communications. I have 5 children, 17 grand children, and 1great grand daughter.

Since my early college years, I have always wanted to be educationally established, a surgeon, a model, and a television series regular. To date, I am establishing myself in the modeling industry, taking acting classes, and pursuing acceptance in the Physicians
Assistance (P.A.) Surgery program @ Midwestern University. I dream life big and am working to make additional dreams a part of my life realities!

My participation in Healthy Initiative under the guidance of  Shea Vaughn  was very instrumental in my successful, nutritional lifestyle change. I prioritized myself, making time to be successful in this H.I. 90 day challenge. As a result of loving me and pursuing the 5 Principles of Sheanetics, I lost 40 pounds and 23 pounds of body fat!

When I initially met with Jena Garcia of J-na Couture and her son, Cal Garcia of Gsb Men's Couture, I had lost 25  pounds and was imagining myself thin, trim, toned and excited about the mystery dress they were creating for me to showcase at the culminating Gala to celebrate my success. Yes, I was nervous, excited, and anxious to say the least but when I saw the dress every concern and worry I experienced was over rated. I was and still am speechless!The dress, as you can see is absolutely gorgeous. I felt like a Queen on her way to the Royal Ball!

Their Couture creation detailed my world travels as a Global Missionary to India, East Africa,  India, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, & South America.

Thank you Jena and Cal for your talent, time and creativity of a garment that is "on edge" and made especially for me! I was proud to wear such a beautiful garment during the Healthy Initiative Gala! industry.

The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength
Ms. Ele"

Also see what Status Magazine  had to say about Eleanor's Couture!

The original concept we developed in these couture gala photos "Oriental Garden under Glass" gown modeled by Artist Christy Corso at NY Couture Week, uses over 30 yards of tulle and metallics for the mermaid skirt under black organza "glass".  We wove her favorite silk scarf of pink cherry blossoms in an Japanese garden into it!  She and her hubby Brett were just ecstatic!

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