The Couture Evening Bag! The final touch of your couture fantasy, that will awaken you to a thrilling new reality!

The couture evening bag! No Glittering awards ceremony event is complete without that show-stopping and necessary accessory. Don't we all relish the idea of making a grand entrance with just the right dress and perfect bag?

For 2012 season a huge trend in evening bags has been the clutch, especially the handcuff clutch! Well we took it one step further and made it out of fur and Swarovski crystals, to "over the top" as usual for j-na couture designs!

But these are the designs that brand you as a one-and-only winner. When you are seen with an exclusive evening bag that matches to a T your gown, best colors, and personality, you send a message that says, "I know who I am, I love myself, and you should know and love me too!"

Try it! You will be amazed at the results!

handcuff clutch fur and swarovski crystals
Custom clutch hand cuff fur Swarovski crystals!
Custom clutch hand cuff fur Swarovski crystals! j-na couture 2012

Look how haute this clutch looks along with the Swarovski Crystal Bangle!

Also popular has been the clutch with metal trim and edging.

The clutch couture evening bag has been the biggest trend of 2012!

A silk clutch with fur trim and real pearl embellishments.

Here is another arena of accessories which offers unlimited choices in styles and prices. With so many luxurious designer evening bags, it is hard to limit oneself!

When we do runway shows, often we need to outfit 12-14 models at a time, and most of the time, I really prefer to have them carry an unusual couture bag that still complements the ensemble.

Since we began our new challenge early in 2010 of designing and creating one-of-a-kind couture evening bags, it has just been a rush of excitement and new ideas! I really hate copy-cat designs, and feel pride and exhilaration each time we develop a completely new concept. My son Cal always has fresh and youthful ideas on the conceptual planning of these couture bags! Sometimes I disagree with him and we haggle over details, but I am always amazed at the end result!

Haute evening bags have been one of our most ordered items, as it has always been my opinion that we ladies can NEVER have too many shoes or bags!

We specialize in custom, hand-made couture evening bags made from luxurious materials, and almost always embellished with real pearls and gems, and many times Swarovski crystals. Clients often request an evening bag to match a designer dress or even one of our own couture wraps, which is quite a delightful challenge for us to design!

Since we never make two alike, it gives our clients the assurance of being truly unique. I only wish we would have photographed those original couture evening bags before they were shipped out to our clients....they were stunning! But most people are in a rush to receive them, and gala affairs never wait!

couture evening bag 2012

One design we love is to use gems and freshwater pearls and/or Swarovski crystals as a slender beaded handle for the evening bag. Sadly, the genuine Coral and Swarovski beads in this "Dreamsicle" satin bag are not visible in this photo, but they just "make" the bag so special!

Couture evening bag gemstone detachable brooch!

Another great idea we love is to use an enormous jeweled brooch (genuine fine jewelry of course) on a small evening bag, giving it a tremendous impact, with the bonus of "borrowing" the lovely brooch for many other occasions and outfits. Now that is economy!

poison pouch or dagger case couture evening bag

Since I just adore real fur (not skins where the animal must die) but the luxurious cashmere and mohair and brushed alpaca fibers that offer real 3-D impact and texture, I created this sumptuously soft "Pouch" evening bag with silk lining and cord, with an antique Chinese coin and genuine pearl adornment. It favors any ethnic-themed ensemble, and evokes images of the traditional coin purses used throughout European history.

Let's have some fun working with you and your ideas, and co-design and create a couture evening bag you will treasure for years to come!

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