Couture Dresses in an all original head-turning concept: COMFORTABLE EXTRAVAGANCE!
Is such a thing possible?

This page is dedicated to Couture Dresses that are not only inspiring in extravagance, all original concepts, but also very comfortable! Have it all your way! This is the concept we are promoting in couture living! The Freedom of having it all! That is the best feeling ever!

Ladies, let us be truly honest for a minute! We know we want to look fabulous, and unique and never see another woman in the same dress, right? there not one more thing just begging to be asked? Do we need to suffer in tight foundation garments? Or stiff boning and rigid construction... just to look smashing? I say we do NOT!!!

With so many new luxurious yet soft and flowing knit fabrics out there, why not be a glorious yet comfortable Diva? When we are comfortable and our couture dresses feel like pajamas, yet look incredible enough for the Red it not a lot easier to enjoy the evening? To relax and breathe and live fully in the sheer joy of the moment? Who says we cannot have it ALL?!!!

I have immensely enjoyed designing couture dresses that feature knit components and sparkling fabrics and textures that truly are unique and comfortable. Since we travel year-round, I find that knits not only pack wonderfully, but hanging a few moments near the steamy shower will erase any creases quickly and easily! This is a tension-reliever when jet-lag hits and a nap is the best beauty treatment...far more so than worrying about dry-cleaning or do-it-yourself-ironing!

This is an example of a 2-piece gown from my fall/winter 2012 collection with a pencil wrap skirt in gold, silver and black metallic fabric, yet the top is a handknit velvet and silk combo adorned with beading on top...truly comfortable!

j-na two piece gown 2012 couture black silver and gold brocade
j-na two piece gown 20
j-na two piece gown 2012 coutur collection silk hand knit seperates wrap pencil skirt

This also is very comfy, I call it Spice Completeness from my 2012 Winter Couture Collection. The top and shawl are a sinfully soft chocolate and spice velvet hand knit, with fluffy maribou trimming the shawl, and a classy taffeta spice wrap skirt.

Who knew such elegance could feel so right?

Fall Winter Couture j-na 201

Look at the same concept done in a two-piece animal print day dress from my 2012 spring/summer collection!

j-nahaute couture 2 piece day dress 2012 animal print bag.jpg

As a testament to the power of knits, this design I call the Butterfly, as the separates can be styled two different ways, as a shorter dress by itself or as a dramatic skirt over a comfy knit sheath. Versatile and comfortable!

Interchangeable Couture worn as a dress and skirt j-na 201

Another design that is equally flowing with old world appeal is this animal print tube dress that has an amazing bare back drape in this semi-sheer silk! Which is as sheer as my designs go!

See my ideals and motherly advice on couture modesty, as these entirley sheer gowns are too frivilous, leaving nothing to be imagined! Click Here!

silk semi sheer animal print dress spring summer 2012 couture j-na
Seri-sheer animal print couture tube dress 2012

And for those who love Spanish dancing, as I do, I wanted to fuse the Flamenco culture with a Rocker-chick vibe, yet keep the comfort of a velvet knit tube top and keep movable spandex in the top part of the skirt. (I am a dance-fanatic!) Speaking of Spandex, my son and co-designer Cal has a saying I do find amusing, he says, "'s a Privilege, not a RIGHT!" HaHaaa!

couture ensemble spanish flamencoa
Couture 2 piece gown with j-na feather wrap red and black flamenco Spanish Coutur

Continuing our the rule, look at the fit of this cheetah print feather dress! We call this comfortable design the "bird of prey," with the speed and cunning of a cheetah!

leopard print couture cocktail dress with feathers j-na 2012

Whether you are dining, or dancing, or traveling the globe, let us design the perfect couture dress for your next Diva-licious Adventure!

Inspired? See the full scope of the j-na collections in the couture dresses galleries!

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