The Couture Dress that is Versatile, modest yet Sheer, and Flattering to most body types!
 Does Such a Design Exist?

Many women looking to invest in the perfect couture dress often find difficulty in laying down the necessary investment in a gown that will likely be only worn once!  What about a couture dress that is flattering, sexy without being scandalous, versatile in styling options, comfortable, travels well, and to TOP it off: Is embedded with Virtual Couture wearable tech  NFC applications i.e. THE FUTURE!

This is one thing that through our travels and years in the business that we try to address with our clients! Versatility! We find that the key to versatility is through unique separates that can be styled in oh so many ways!

This is an example of one such designs! We do hope to inspire you to the next level of accessible couture living freedom with this one!

The couture dresses have a bra top, the Swarovski wide velvet belt and pencil skirt underneath the organza sheath gown are perfect for an occasion or event that involves movement, celebration, or dancing, as the gown easily comes off and you can move about, celebrate and dance modestly yet seductively in the pencil skirt, belt, and top. For added coverage along the waist line you can easily add a corset that we can design for you.

This design was featured in several magazine editorials for its originality and versatility. This was featured in Emurge Magazine.

This editorial was printed in the UstyleU Magazine, the same issue that featured the Obamas.

The one and only runway sample is now available in the online couture house.

Another trend that my trained Conscience has been wrestling with is the issue of the sheer couture gown! Why pay soo much investment in a garment that really doesn't even cover your body! It's like the old fable: The Emperor is Naked!

What if you could do sheer in a way that accentuates your newly acquired silhouette that you have been anxious to show off, yet is modest (no accusation backlash), and leaves you with couture usable separates that make sense, and you can use and style in oh so many different ways and outfits! 

This is they most flattering way to wear all black, you must have accessories that provide some kind of color to the silhouette, otherwise you do look sophisticated, however boring. This Swarovski embellished wide belt provides coverage, and at the same time is slimming, and makes the outfit really exceptional and note-worthy.

Even on a curvier girl that is not as tall, in this same couture dress is very flattering without being scandalous. 

This Couture Dress design can be designed just for you, you can also buy the 2015 runway sample in Chicago a Paul Miller boutique in Lincoln Park. The runway sample will also be available in the online couture house under runway samples, and is inface available now.

This Brings us to the final feature of a couture design that is well done and perfection for you on the virtual couture level. It is what is being termed a, "Smart Gown." This smart couture dress is equipped with wearable and washable Technology! When your friends actually tap your gown with their smartphone it directs them to your social or professional V-Card Platform where they can go to your social media, charity page, event invitation, thank you card, Favorite book list.

This is a streamlined and easily programmable application platform, you basically just tell it where you want to direct people, and they get the information you want to share with them right on their smartphone. 

Many of our clients, especially for our new Eco-Couture Spa-Treatment Smart Gowns prefer that we document the making, design, and or fitting of their custom garment on video, then when their friends tap on their perfect couture dress smart gown it directs them to a video snippet of the making of their gown! Do you want to talk about bragging rights? The best part is that you are celebrating you as a beautiful soul, and unique individual now on the VIRTUAL level. 

The possibilities for where we are going with this amazing new wearable technology are Sooo very tantalizing as they are exciting! This is really going to be the future of couture! 

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

The Dress can be styled differently every time you wear it. Here we see with the hair down and combat boots, you can in fact make this into a rock star look. Wearing the pencil skirt and top in a thousand different combinations and looks. 

This couture dress design is also a great way to highlight the beauty of your body art, that makes you even more unique, without showing too much skin.

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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