Chanel AW14 Blasts Off in Gorgeous Color, Comfort and Elegance!
Which of these color will we see you in?

WOW!  I am so electrified by Chanel AW14 by Karl Lagerfeld, it was so thrilling to see the fresh colors for fall and perky colorful prints done in classic and timeless elegance.


This is the ready-made collection but we are including it in a couture review, because we do not know how on earth Karl can make these masterful, detailed intricate, and fabulous pieces in factory! This simply MUST be named couture!

What I enjoyed so much was the upscale grocery store setting and the relaxed attitude the clothes portrayed!  

The colorful athletic shoes and complementary-colored and stylish flat boots lent a youthful and appealingly real feel to this collection!

I feel so energized to see elegant but yummy-colored wools, tweeds and silks that are guaranteed to make fall and winter less dreary and boring!  Aren't we so sick and tired of ALL BLACK EVERYTHING????

Although with great freedom comes great responsibility, the biggest reason why most people wear black is out of LAZINESS, it also is slimming, but so are all dark colors. Either you are unsure if a color looks good on you or is flattering to your body type or complexion. If you have not already had a color draping done, see the short video below of my son Cal demonstrating a basic color draping during on of our recent photo shoots.

For now,......

Let's see the Chanel AW14 Collection!

Bravo!  I have not enjoyed a Chanel runway so much in years!  I love the repeated use of several vertical zippers on the mid-section of the bodices.  

Also the perky combination of creamy coral pink really is refreshing for Fall/Winter.....we need yummy shades to flavor the gray skies of winter.

Also, the styling for this runway was so much more fun and young-spirited.....pairing classic tailored wools with citrus-hued sneakers just appeals to me now!  Who knew this could look so attractive? 

I have been complaining a lot for several years about the over-use of black and dark, drab colors.....I definitely try to bring in some energetic and vibrant color for our runways.  I am gratified to see that the House of Chanel with Chanel AW14 is offering such delectable yet fun designs also!

The runway footage of Chanel AW 14 is just incredible, the photo's don't do it justice! You must take a few minutes and indulge in this Grocery Store Concept. I would never have imagined that you would see Chanel Haute Couture at the Grocery Store! 

To me this reminds us that Haute Couture should also be practical, wearable, and comfortable. Most people think couture is no more than immodest see-thru gowns and intricate art pieces that are too extravagant to wear. 

Couture is so much more that this, it is the art of custom clothes in personalized style, yes it has an aire of the artsy, extravagant, and extreme luxe, BUT, it can also be practical, travel well, and wearable. This is how we design our peices, we love using wools and knits for this very reason.

Go to the homepage to learn mote about Couture and Personal Style, see the Couture History to understand where these concepts originated from.

First though, see the Chanel AW14 runway and get inspired, celebrate your life and creation through what you wear! 

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

Which one of these beautiful vibrant lively colors will work for you?  Not Sure?

Here is the introduction to a basic color draping. We ALWAYS have our couture clients do a full scale color draping as a part of our design meeting. We even the abbreviated version before our runway shows and photo shoots as Cal my son is demonstrating so eloquently (Proud Mom :) 

You can even do this at home, through an online video chat with us, or make it a fun activity for your social club. It's best to hire a good stylist to host the event along with someone doing facials, because it is important not to be wearing any makeup, for the most accurate results.

New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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