Chanel SS Haute Couture 2015:
Will this be the collection that inspires you to greatness in personal style?

This year’s Chanel SS Haute Couture 2015 brought bold colors and stunning silhouettes that meet classic styles of Chanel. I loved the venue Chanel hosted their fashion show. Chanel always amazes me when it comes to iconic fashion. 

The gray with color monochrome really brought the silhouettes to life. Karl Lagerfeld’s collection reminded me of the Spring Victorian inspired style with the way the hats and the fish net accessories styled perfectly with each outfit. Chanel synchronized all the colors of each Spring trend such as pastels, bold red, blues, yellows, and the classic black/white colors.


The Chanel SS Haute Couture 2015 collection also brought the modern day flower girl by incorporating flowers, sequins, bright pastel pinks and purples. In addition to the diverse colors, Chanel managed to use the same tweed fabric for most of the silhouettes not leaving the classic look of Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld also brought the latest trend of crop tops and maxi skirts. My only concern was their choice of shoes for the silhouettes.

My only concern was their choice of shoes for the silhouettes. They used black flats paired with long socks. In my opinion, it only worked for the short skirt and blazer of their iconic style but not for the other garments. Overall, it was an amazing show and Chanel will always be an iconic fashion brand.

In Karl Lagerfeld’s interview for this show, he states that he wanted to use the light and pastel colors as well as making a bold statement. He loved the long fitted skirts and how “it touches the body”. According to Karl, this collection brings life for this year’s Spring collection. For the layering he created for silhouettes, he used chiffon to keep the layering light and not heavy. Due to this technique, the entire outfit becomes pleasant and graceful. Karl creates seams on the back and not on the side. This technique allows the garment to flow but still fit to the body. Karl’s words in the interview “this can be only done in couture and cannot be done in ready-to-wear”.

Haute Couture S/S 2015 @chanelofficial runway show! GORGE!!!! :-)) xoxo-MK #chanel #couture #michaelkuluva #gown

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 I loved the technique of stitching in Chanel SS Haute Couture 2015, the used on his garments to make the silhouette flow. I loved his bold colors mixed with pastel colors. It really made the entire show stand out. Karl has yet amazed the crowd of his fashion show and will still continue Chanel’s legacy in the fashion industry. I look forward to more of his collections in the near future.

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See the full Chanel SS Haute Couture 2015 Collection here.

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New! Comments

What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

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