Celebrity fashion UK is hotter than ever!

I love to review all the newest trends in celebrity fashion UK, as there is never a dull moment with our unique and fashion-forward neighbors across the pond! We definitely have a bounty of gorgeous celebrities to cover, and regrettably I can only choose a few for now.

First off, the high-energy and fresh youthful attitude of the popular band One Direction (or simply, 1D) is so refreshing!

Here is my FAVORITE photo of these young men leaping into the air. Look at the expressions on their faces! Adorable!!! What I love about celebrity fashion UK, is the complete individuality displayed here. This is a great photo to show how youthful and fun fashion can be! Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn are comfortable wearing their own looks, and this is quite a departure from the bands of yesteryear! No more uniformity for them!

One Direction LARRY

My son Cal has also adopted this youthful fresh edginess into his men's couture line. I love this shot from the beach in San Diego California! Each model has a completely different style personality going on!

Men's Couture, as individual as you! GSb 2012
One Direction One Direction

Celebrity fashion United Kingdom has always led the world with totally modern, edgy clothes that make a statement. What I love about that is you can dress totally comfortable and still look cool! Here is Harry Styles (what a great name!) with a simple T-shirt that we approve of! Just had to put in a plug for vegetarians!!!

Again, the young men show their individual styles in this group shot.

I must review the handsome David Beckham and his wife if we are going to talk celebrity fashion in the United Kingdom. David Beckham and his famous Mrs. have their own fashion lines and, what can I say? What a beautiful couple to represent all celebrity fashion UK!

David Beckham
GSb Men's Couture hand knoit sweater and linen pants with fur tie 2012 runway.
I like how comfy David looks in this white sweater. All of us living in northern climates need to be warm and comfy when the weather gets nippy!

I like how comfy David looks in this white sweater. All of us living in northern climates need to be warm and comfy when the weather gets nippy!

Here at GSb Men's Couture, we focus on timeless classics that are comfy and rugged, and this handknit art sweater in fine wool is a perfect example of classic yet comfortable elegance that will ALWAYS be in style!

David Beckham does a really cool swagger in his Ray Bans and jeans! Here he looks even more noteworthy because of the vest he chose. It pulls this casual look together.

On a recent runway in Chicago, we had several Celebrities modeling and the actor Brian White hosted the show. Here is another "Ray Ban with a Swagger" moment! Is this vest and compassionate fur pant tough or what? The handknit 3-D mohair tie screams "Pet my chest ladies!" I am so proud of my son's GSb Men's Couture line!

GSb Men's Couture 2012 runway, real fur everything from the tie to the vest, to the pants, oh and Ray Bans, no fur.
David Beckham
GSb mens couture 2012couture suit on runway modeled by designer CAL G

I just love this shot of David Beckham in a classic navy suit. When I think of celebrity fashion UK, I think that the navy suit really stands out like a UK symbol, AND it will never go out of style! I notice the men of the Royal family wear this classic a LOT!

Here is my son Cal doing his own modeling in his own navy linen tropical suit and textured silk knit tie. He wanted the pants cuffed and a bit cropped ......a perfect example of tweaking a timeless style!

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